View Full Version : Divine/Cultural Issues with Fertility Enhancement?

2017-11-05, 11:36 PM
So sorta strange question...

My campaign is set in a mixed 3-4-5E FR setting around the city of Neverwinter and we have talked about using spell traps of "Enhanced Fertility" or maybe even making something stronger, maybe twins or something, randomly though out the city.

Do you think there would be some divine or cultural aversion to increasing fertility to help speed along the population increases of humans/elf/dwarves? Both elves and dwarves have withdrawn from the world stage because they couldn't keep up with the losses, do you think they would have tried a simple low level spell to help things along?

2017-11-06, 06:11 AM
Spell traps feel like an odd solution, though they're of course the most efficient one. I'd prefer going to a hedge witch for an elixir of fertility, or to a cleric for a blessing to the same effect (maybe a custom 0th-level spell or somesuch, I'm sure the Tome of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge has something).

2017-11-06, 06:39 AM
Is this one of the new spells?

Xanathar wasn't kidding when he said Everything, huh

2017-11-06, 09:55 AM
In some editions, I think it implies that before the Drow split from the rest of the elves, Llolth was a fertility goddess. This is why while other elves have problems concieving, drow can support bloody wars without a noticible population problem.

2017-11-06, 10:05 AM
Well, that point about Lloth makes sense because for the Dwarves for example there are less than 10000k of the if you follow the populations in Dwarves Deep book, thats not alot. Now I am sure thats not 100% and there are always those one off clans here or there, but that would MAYBE double it?

So in all of Faerun, there are only 200k dwarves?

But I was concerned that elves and dwarves in particular would feel that it wasn't natural or something? Thats if Moradin wanted them to have children he would bless them.

The idea was also brought up to have a child bonus, if you have new children in Neverwinter or the surrounding area you get 10gp or something for each one. :(