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2017-11-15, 11:59 AM
Staff of the Necromancer
Staff, Very Rare, Requires Attunement by someone capable of casting 3rd level or higher Necromancy spells

This staff can be wielded as a magical quarterstaff, with a +1 bonus to hit rolls and damage rolls. While wielding it, you gain a +2 bonus to AC, saving throws, and spell attack rolls, and increase the DC of any Necromancy spells you cast by 1.

The staff has 20 charges. 2d8+4 charges return every midnight. If the last charge is expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff retains its +1 to hit and damage, but nothing else. On a 20, it regains 1d8+2 charges.

In addition, the staff has the following charge-based abilities:

Reaping Strike-On a successful melee hit with this staff, you may expend any number of charges. Deal Xd6 necrotic damage, where X is the number of charges spent, in addition to the regular damage, and gain the necrotic damage dealt as THP.

Spells-The staff can cast the following spells. It costs a number of charges equal to the spell level to cast any spell (cantrips may be cast at-will as long as the staff has at least 1 charge), and the spells may be upcast, up to the highest level you are capable of casting. If the staff contains a spell you do not have a high enough slot for, it may only be cast at its lowest level.

Cantrips-Chill Touch, Ray of Frost
1st level-False Life
3rd level-Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Fear
6th level-Create Undead, Eyebite
7th level-Finger of Death

Soul Sucking Strike-You can use your action to break this staff over your knee or a solid surface. The staff is destroyed and releases its energies in a 30' radius around you.

Each person within 30' must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw, taking 8*Charges left necrotic damage if they are within 10', 4*Charges left if they are within 20', and 2*Charges left if they are within 30'. (These do not stack-the most they can take is 8*Charges left, not 14*Charges left.) Half damage on a successful saving throw.

In addition, you take 16*Charges left necrotic damage from this (no save), but are also healed for the amount of damage dealt to all others simultaneously.

Lich's Cloak
Cloak, Very Rare, Must be attuned by someone capable of commanding undead in some way

This cloak, made from a skinned lich, exudes an aura of undeath around it. The wearer is treated as an undead while wearing it while it would be beneficial to them. In addition, it has the following other abilities, only one of which may be active at a time (switching between them is a bonus action):

Aura Of Power-All undead within 30' of the wearer of the cloak deal an extra 2d4 necrotic damage on all attacks. If they are further than 30' but within 60' add 1d4 damage. The wearer deals an extra 3d4 damage.

Aura Of Rejuvenation-All undead within 30' of the wearer come back to unlife one minute after being slain or destroyed, so long as they were not killed with a critical hit, radiant damage, or something that completely destroys the body (such as Disintegrate). Undead within 60' but further than 30' away instead come back after an hour. In addition, the wearer regains 1 HP every minute.

Aura Of Fell Fright-All undead within 30' of the wearer take on horrible, twisted, frightening forms. Anyone with less levels or hit dice than the CR of the undead must make a DC 8+the undead's proficiency modifier+their highest mental modifier Wisdom save upon first seeing the undead or become Frightened for one hour, with a new save at the end of each of their turns. This save is made with disadvantage if they can see the undead. Once a successful save is made against this ability from any undead, they are immune to its effects till they take a long rest, unless they would be subject to the same ability with a higher DC (for instance, they save against the 60' version, but are still vulnerable to the 30' version). Undead further than 30' away, but within 60' also force this save, but do not add their proficiency modifier to the DC. The wearer affects all who can see him with a CR or level equal to or less than their own.

Shackled Slayer
2017-12-20, 08:37 PM
The lively party hat of appear alive
Hat, magical item, uncommon
Price: 200 to 300 GP

A corpse or undead crature wearing this conical hat decorated with colorful foil paper appears for all intents and purposes alive. If used on a corpse they appear to be sleeping & breathing softly or snoring. If used on an undead creature they appear to be a living version of their kind. This item raises the DC to see through a disguise of an undead creature by +5 assuming you already tried hiding it with concealing clothes. If not, the DC to determine the creature or corpse is not alive is 15

2017-12-21, 07:58 AM
It seems to me that the Lich's Cloak could use an option where you do cold damage with a touch, and can sometimes make a paralysing touch similar to the lich.