View Full Version : Best system/conversion for PnP Shin Megami Tensei?

2017-11-27, 01:15 AM
There's no official SMT PnP that I know of but I've been interested in the thought of how to make one, or which system would be well-suited. There's d20 Modern and FATE, but if D20 Modern is at all like 5e it probably wouldn't work too well, and I hear FATE is designed for more cinematic experiences. I was thinking about doing something like the Press Turn System but I don't know how it could be done. While mulling over that, I thought that while 5e in general might not be suited, it's advantage mechanic could be made to work similarly as part of a hack(for example, critical hit or hit a weakness and the enemy and you get advantage on the next attack against them). Some of the bigger headaches is determining how buffing and debuffing should work, and if possible, demon fusion. Fusion is perhaps a bit unrealistic for PnP, but I would like to know if there was otherwise a system that could be used to provide a similar experience in terms of gameplay.

2017-11-27, 02:24 AM
You could maybe use one of the couple Pokémon PnP systems as inspiration here?

2018-01-16, 03:38 PM
Hey im a noob here on this playground but ive beeb stalking it for years. Saw this post and it made me happy. Ive actually got a setting i buily from the ground up using the shin megami tensei wiki and the persona wiki. I also used several other occult fantasy animes as inspiration. But it was all retard simple with the system i used which was a combination of the tri stat dx from 2007 and a early rendition of that released as a resource book for demon city shinjuku. The system isnt meant for min maxing power gamers and definitely has more emphasis on the role play aspect but it was super simple to teach people. Id recommend it as a great dead system. Just wish all the resources from early 2000's were still around XD

2018-01-16, 09:49 PM
I'd argue a certain amount of powergaming is required in a proper MegaTen RPG - after all, you're probably going to fight God at the end. :smallbiggrin:

Apparently, there IS a tabletop MegaTen RPG... in Japanese. Not too much help, I know.

2018-01-27, 11:00 AM
So is everyone playing a character with demon minions? (Last tensei game I played was 4)

If HP isn't an important mechanic, I could see doing this in Savage Worlds with the Iron Dynasty setting, but "trap" the gear punk as modern technology.
Then have the demons be extras the players control. The way you "make" or fuse demons is up to you (perhaps a fuse creature can be another oni with a lower combined Combat Rating estimate??). Give the players an edge for the minion control/binding/creation

This guy did it for cypher: https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/7ffclj/shin_megami_tensei_rpg_version_10/