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2017-12-02, 03:23 PM
So in this post I have a list of 100 swords, or "Model" blades, each with it's own magic ability. The original reason for this was a player asked for a magic weapon at a high-rise weapon establishment. I couldn't think of a name for anything and rolled a d100 and told him his new rapier's name was "Model 48".

So to make a long story short, we ended up creating an actual list of 100 swords for the purpose of just rolling a d100 when the DM needed to award a cool weapon. Some of the blades are very powerful (the lower the number the better), and probably shouldn't be handed out unless the players are very high level. Other swords are actually harmful to players (Model's 91 - 100) while the top swords (1-10) should probably never awarded at all.

Here is the list of swords: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oVVzFp1Wl1N_D40uL8PisyfZVaHqfvdrhk8Evaxpu7M/edit?usp=sharing

While I would appreciate some review on this, the real reason for me posting this is the faint hope that some other DM will use it.

2017-12-02, 03:38 PM
Some other notes on this (some are probably really obvious):

Models 1-10 are not really meant for player use. They were intended to be in the hands of the enemy, so the players had an incredible trial to overcome, or to be the goal of the entire campaign so the players would have the firepower to defeat the enemy.

The cursed blades, Models 91-100, were included because I know that sometimes it's more fun to make things harder for players. Some are far worse than others.

You don't have to roll a d100. This will become increasingly obvious because most of the swords will off balance the entire party. For the most part, just pick the weapon that you think works best.

And to answer some questions other players have already asked me:

Model #16, which can instantly kill creatures, is very overpowered. I know this. I did it anyway. I do not recommend having any player use this weapon if they can impose disadvantage or have a divination wizard in the party.

Model #37 basically acts like an animal call. Yes, it can replicate the sounds of a human scream. Why I've been asked this will make more sense if you read the description on the Google Doc.

Model #18 makes a shadow version of the sword you can hold in your other hand (basically letting players dual-wield the same +3 weapon). This does not make infinite shadow swords, just one at a time. Some people were confused over this.

Model #61 is a greatsword that just becomes limp and bendable. This weapon is mostly silly, meaning you can roll up the blade and harden it so it resembles a hammer. Or curl the edges and harden it so it acts like a shovel. Or shove it into a lock and harden it so the blade keeps the inner shape, allowing you to unlock the door. Things like that.

If anyone has any other questions or advise, please feel free to ask and/or tell me exactly what I've done wrong. I might not be able to respond quickly, so please be patient with your questions, advise (and insults, if you need to).

Thank you!