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2017-12-11, 05:11 PM
(Relocating as I posted in the wrong forum the first time)
Hello! I'm new to the forum and to pathfinder so be gentle.
Bottom line is I need some crowdsourced internet help to make me feel bad and maybe provide some valuable advice/feedback on my first homebrew.
About to start a pathfinder campaign and i really like the flavor of an Osteomancer (bone magician) and decided to try and implement it as a Monk class archetype rather than building from the ground up. I want to ensure it's not broken or overly underpowered.

-Main idea is a Monk who's monastery's art is osteomancy (or whatever other backstory gets you there). As a result of this almost obsessive focus on the body that is required to drive one to practice and perfect bone shaping, these monks sacrifice a great deal of the focus most monks put on mental perfection. These monks mechanically should have greater physical combat prowess but less flexibility and less mental offense and defense.

Everything except what I specify below remains the same as a regular monk.

--Ability/feat replacements by monk level:
1: Stunning Fist is replaced by Bone Spurs

3: Still mind is replaced by Strengthened Core

15: Quivering Palm is replaced by Shattering Strike

--Ability/feat explanations:

Bone Spurs - Free feat at lvl 1. Bone Spurs can be used as offensive and or defensive. Can be extended or retracted as a quick action. Bone Spurs remain out after extending until they are retracted.
Offensive bone spurs are some sort or
simple spike, barb, or blade extended
from the hands, feet, elbows, or knees
(knuckle spikes being the most
common). They give +1 to hit stacking
for every 3 monk levels while active
starting at level 1
Defensive bone spurs are studs or plates
formed on the body to deflect or soften
blows. They impart a +1 to natural armor
and starting at level 4 add 1
DR/bludgeoning per every 3 monk levels

Strengthened Core - adds a permanent +2 to fortitude saves

Shattering Strike - The osteomancer makes contact with target's skeleton via bone spurs and induces vibrations to shatter the target's skeleton. After a successful attack (with shattering strike declared) the target makes a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 monk lvl + WIS mod) if failed the target dies instantly, if passed target takes 10d6 damage. (Landed attack to initiate save still deals damage of weapon used for attack)

--I also created two feats(one of them I have shamelessly stolen from dragon magazine) that can be selected as normal:

Seize the Core - The osteomancer attempts to temporarily lock the joints of all nearby enemies. 30ft radius, all enemies, Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 monk lvl + WIS mod) if failed, paralyzed for 1 round. Available at level 6.

Malaise the Bones - The osteomancer makes contact with target's skeleton via bone spurs to temporarily alter the composition of the target's marrow after a successful attack. If the attack lands, target makes a fortitude save, if failed, target is stunned for 1 round and sickened for 1d3 rounds. This effect is upgraded from sicken 1d3 to exhaustion 1 at level 13. (If attack lands, damage is still dealt from attack regardless of fortitude save outcome)

Worked with my DM to create abilities and structure so even if its ****ed I'm sure we can run the campaign fine but I would like to make this a balanced class that I could potentially use again or inspire someone else with.
Welcoming advice!