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2017-12-11, 09:41 PM
'Evening all. I'm in the process of creating a subclass. I want to play an enchanter wizard, but was relatively underwhelmed at the abilities. So, I'd like to create something for myself - the GM allows homebrew material. I want to make absolutely sure I'm not presenting something unbalanced to him that's going to make him facepalm.

Anyway, I'm considering poaching/modifying an ability: Alter Memories, the 14th level enchanter wizard skill.

My question is - what, in your opinion, do you think makes this a 14th level ability, and not say... a lower level ability? Or do you feel it was arbitrarily placed at 14th level as fluff? When I look at getting an extra use of portent, gaining spell resistance, or making an illusion into a tangible, real object at level 14, this ability seems lacking.

There are two parts to it, the first of which I am interested in poaching:

First, subjects you charm do not remember being charmed by you.

Secondly, you can basically cast 5th level wizard spell modify memory before the charm wears off, except you can modify X hours instead of only 10 minutes, but are limited to "forgetting" as opposed to implanting a false memory.

So, in essence, do you feel the first part of the skill (the subject being unaware of having been charmed) would be overpowered as a lower level ability?

Yay or nay?

2017-12-13, 04:09 AM
Friends is a cantrip which makes the target hostile to you after the duration wears off. With the 14th level Wizard ability, this cantrip will provide advantage on all charisma checks without repercussions.

Is this overpowered? Perhaps not, considering you can replicate the effect with Eagle's Splendor. But it is at-will and has no repercussions.

To the question: it is strong as a 2nd level ability, if moved down. Not overpowered, but since it gives unlimited uses of a mechanical ability that takes just 1 action, it may get annoying for the DM.