View Full Version : [Help] Making a nerefed version of Craven Edge from Ct Role

2017-12-14, 11:40 AM
I recently started watching some critical role videos on youtube and I really liked the idea of Craven Edge. My players are now level 8 after killing a vampire lord. The barbarian had a sword of life stealing and I thought it'd be interesting if his sword became Craven Edge (or a sword similar to it), as of now his sword still acts as a 'Sword of Life Stealing'.

original stats: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcnhno9e97i7et6/Craven%20Edge.jpg?dl=0

I was thinking of limiting the strength stealing to 23 instead of 25 since he has 20 Strength as of now. Also limiting how long he keeps the strength stealing effect to 1 minute instead of waiting until a short/long rest. And lowering the DC 12 CON save to a DC of 10 to make it easier for creatures to pass it. And instead of having the DC 16 CON save for the sword to not eat the users soul it will instead eat 1d10 or 1d20 or the user constitution modifier. I am unsure if I should have the sword be a +1/+2/ or just no bonus.

(I was also thinking of adding to the dark aura portion if the sword is drawn in order to put it back in its sheathe the user must kill a creature)