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2017-12-18, 03:49 PM
In the old days, "paladin's holy sword" was synonymous with "holy avenger." I've long thought there should be other options, but never had the chance to make or use one. Nowadays, Holy is just one of many weapon special abilities, so a paladin could wield many sorts of "holy swords" and making htem is easier. I made one up for a high level paladin as follows:

Greatsword, +4
Bane (outsiders, evil)
It's called "Demons Bane" and I would have given it Bane (demon) but the list of options includes the more general form, so why not? It had to be +4 to stay within the +10 total enhancements limit. So, against a demon, it is +6 and keen, doing 8d6 (plus Str mod) damage.

So, what have other people done along those lines?