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2018-01-07, 01:55 AM
I just recently jumped back into D&D. Other than a brief stint with 4th Edition, I haven't played in about 10 years.

We started up a group and I rolled a Githzerai monk because why not, right? Between that group and another group which is definitely going to see a few people roll monk that I'll be DM'ing for, I'm running into the same problem that a ton of others have run into. There just ain't any magical loot for the monk. I've been poking around the amazing Interwebs finding ideas and I'd like to have a place to just do a dump of them so I have them all in one place. I also want suggestions.

My first thought was to back the Monk's Belt. The 3rd Edition item was described as follows: "Monk's Belt: This simple rope belt, when wrapped around a character’s waist, confers great ability in unarmed combat. The wearer’s AC and unarmed damage is treated as a monk of five levels higher. If donned by a character with the Stunning Fist feat, the belt lets her make one additional stunning attack per day. If the character is not a monk, she gains the AC and unarmed damage of a 5th-level monk. This AC bonus functions just like the monk’s AC bonus."

Bringing that up to 5e would look something like this:

The Monk's Belt looks like a simple cloth belt, but when tied around your character's waste it grants the following abilities. If your character is not a Monk, then you gain the ability to perform unarmed strikes as though you were a level 5 monk, and your unarmored AC is 10 + your Dex modifier + your Wis modifier. If you are a Monk, then your unarmed striking damage dice type, movement, proficiency, pool of daily ki points all increase to that of a Monk 5 levels higher than you. While wearing the Monk's Belt a monk also gains a +2 to AC, +2 to all saving throws. If the monk is level 10 or below, all of their unarmed strikes are treated as +1 magical weapons. At levels 11-15, they are treated as +2 magical weapons. At level 16-20, the monk's unarmed strikes are treated as +3 magical weapons. Stunning Strike may be used one more time per day.
Legendary item.
Requires Atunment

Here's an idea I found that I like exactly as it is.

Ink of the Heavens
Very Rare
Requires Ki class feature
These special inks are created by secret methods in well hidden sacred places. Each ink is used to create one specific type of tattoo, one type for each creature in the zodiac. Every tattoo has different benefits as follows:

Rat - Those with the Rat tattoo gain the creatures' surprising flexibility. By spending 1 point of Ki, the wearer may squeeze themselves through a space as small as their head automatically, escape any bonds or chains or escape any grappling creature (or otherwise contort their body in strange ways). They may also spend 1 point of Ki to ignore one source of bludgeoning damage as a reaction.
Ox - The Ox brings supernatural fortitude and discipline. 1 Ki point allows the wearer to ignore conditions of any kind for 1 minute, heal 1 point of exhaustion or repel one intrusion into their mind.
Tiger - The Tiger gives both speed and strength. 1 Ki point gives the wearer advantage on an Initiative check or an additional 5 points of damage on all unarmed strikes made that turn.
Rabbit - The Rabbit gives wisdom. 1 Ki point gives the wearer proficiency (advantage to those who have proficiency) in Insight and Perception for 1 minute.
Dragon - The Dragon grants great power. The wearer must gain Ki points when they kill living creatures using their Monk abilities or Attacks. 1 Ki is gained per creature slain. However, the Dragon is dangerous in its' own right. Should the wearer gain more Ki than they can hold, their body turns on itself, and they begin taking 10d10 force damage each round until they spend their excess Ki.
Snake - The Snake gives stealth and a lying tongue. 1 Ki point gives the wearer proficiency (advantage to those who have proficiency) in Stealth and Deception for 1 minute.
Horse - The Horse gives unequaled speed. The wearer may spend 1 Ki point to gain the benefits of Step of The Wind for the next 10 minutes. The wearer may also spend 5 Ki points to cast Phantom Steed.
Goat - The Goat gives the power of prodigious digestion! The wearer may eat 30 pounds of food and gain 50 temporary hit points for doing so. Once they have done this, they must take a long rest before this power works again.
Monkey - The Monkey gives its' own astounding mobility. The wearer may spend 1 Ki point to automatically balance on any horizontal surface, even water or clouds, and the ability to cling to walls and ceilings for 1 minute.
Rooster - The Rooster grants consistency in all things. The wearer may spend 3 Ki points on any die their player has rolled to take the average result (rounded down) instead of what they actually rolled.
Dog - The Dog gives loyalty. The wearer may spend 1 Ki point per ally to prevent the wearers' action from causing harm to their allies, regardless of what the wearer does.
Pig - The Pig gives amiability. The wearer may spend 1 Ki to gain proficiency (advantage to those who have proficiency) in Persuasion for 1 minute, and in addition, the wearer may cast Calm Emotions when spending the Ki point.

My take on a Dex version of Belt of Giant Strength. If it can be done for Strength, then why not Dex?

Headband of the Winds - Wearer's Dexterity increases while wearing this headband.

Dex 21 - Headband of the Squall (Rare)
Dex 23 - Headband of the Gale (Very Rare)
Dex 25 - Headband of the Cyclone (Very Rare)
Dex 27 - Headband of the Hurricane (Legendary)
Dex 29 - Headband of the Tornado (Legendary)

Another idea just off the top of my head. Probably could be expanded to add some extra neat tricks.

Pendant of Ki - Monk or other ki based class may use this pendant to store ki points.

Store up to 5 Ki Points (Uncommon)
store up to 10 Ki Points (Rare)
Store up to 15 Ki Points (Very Rare)
Store up to 30 Ki Points (Legendary)

Props to Carlos Barreto on this forum for this idea. I think they're fine except the DC boost might be a bit too much, especially for the +3 variant.

Ki Straps
Wondrous item, rarity varies (requires attunement by a monk)
When wrapped around both hands, these straps grants a bonus to attack and damage rolls of your unarmed attacks and to the saving throw DCs of your Monk special abilities (like Stunning Strike, Martial Arts Techniques, Shadow and Elemental Spells and so on). The bonus is determined by the item's rarity.

Ki Straps (Uncommon): +1 bonus
Ki Straps of the Master (Very Rare): +2 bonus
Ki Straps of the Grandmaster (Legendary): +3 bonusIn addition, you can regain ki points equals to twice the item's bonus as an action while wearing these straps. You can't use this property again until you finish a long rest.

Props to Eunostus from this forum. I rewrote the idea a bit.

The Thunderlord's Handwraps +3
Requires attunement
Origins: These hand wraps were once used by a renowned ancient elemental monk master, whose thunderous fists turned the tides of several long forgotten wars. He is remembered only as Thunderlord. His actual name and story have long since been lost to history, but his handwraps have been passed down survived. They are striking blue with lightning bolts enscribed all over them, with scorch marks all along their length. Legend has it that the Thunderlord's spirit still continues to empower them.

When worn by a monk that has attuned them, the Thunderlord's Handwraps empower all unarmed strikes, making them +3 magical weapons. The handwraps are infused with electrical power that manifests when the wearer uses their ki. Whenever you expend one or more Ki points on your turn, the residual energy of your Ki manifests as potent sparks on your fists. Until the end of your turn, you deal an additional 1d4 lightning damage on each successful hit with an unarmed strike in that round. The wearer of the handwraps gains resistance to all electrical attacks.

The existence of these legendary and unique handwraps has led to a number of attempts to copy them -- resulting in a lesser but more attainable item called Handwraps of the Thundering Fist.

Handwraps of the Thundering Fists +1
Requires Attunment
Very Rare
The Handwraps of the Thundering Fists universally try to copy the Thunderlord's Handwraps in appearance, minus the scorchmarks out of respect for the original. So they are striking blue in color with lightning inscriptions all over them. All of the wearer's unarmed attacks become +1 magical weapons. If the wearer uses ki in the round then the residual energy of their ki manifests as potent electrical sparks. The monk's next successful unarmed strike will deal and additional 1d4 electrial damage. This electrical damage will only affect one successful attack per round. If the monk does not land a strike that round, the electrical charge dissipates. The wearer also gains resistance to electricity.

Add Gi as a possibilities for magical armor. The Gi alone offers no bonus to AC, but a Gi+1, +2 or 3 grants that bonus to AC. A Gi of Resistance grants resistance, etc. Definitely open to other suggestions for this if anyone has any.

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A few ideas for Monks. Note that not all of them are physical items.

(Also, only 6 for now. Not even a full page; Shameful, I know.)

MONK STUFF (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SyD7BqI1Nf)

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A few ideas for Monks. Note that not all of them are physical items.

(Also, only 6 for now. Not even a full page; Shameful, I know.)
I like the ideas there. I'll give you better feedback later, I have to run right now.

Everyone's brew is trying to solve the biggest giant gaping holes that WOC left in the monk class: No way to make the monk's unarmed strikes into +1 +2 +3 magical weapons. Serious limits on improving AC. No magical items do anything with ki. None are monk or ki specific. I must admit I'm pretty surprised that they didn't carry over the innate bonuses from 3rd edition where the monk's unarmed attack automatically pick up +1 +2 +3 magic weapon status as they go up in levels, and gained better natural AC as well. Kinda leaves a lot of DM's scrambling to fill those holes, etc. That said, I think that 5e core rules are the best that D&D has ever done. They just kinda forgot about the monk among other things. New core rules tends to do that.

I did have an idea for a psychic order of monks that makes great sense for especially Githzerai and melds SoulKnife with Monk, while keeping the monk an unarmed combat specialist. As with the items that I posted, I'm essentially throwing it out there knowing that it's probably overpowered, but looking for suggestions on how to clean it up and nerf-bat it down to sane levels. With that in mind:

The Way of the Mind Blade:

Conjure Mind Blades
At 3rd level a monk choosing the Way of Soul Blade can now create semisolid blades composed of pure psychic energy that they have distilled from their minds. These blades typically extend from the monk's hands or fists by default, but can also be instantaneously transferred to their feet or whatever part of the body they are using for unarmed strikes at that moment (elbows, knees, etc.) By default Mind Blades are 6 inches in length. They can be lengthened or shorted by 6 inches at will, for a maximum of 1 foot and a minimum of 0 feet. (A 0 foot Mind Blade still exists right at the surface of the skin on the monk's hand, foot, etc.) The Mind Blade glows phosphorescently in the color of their soul, and sheds dim light in a 5 feet radius. Strikes with these mind blades count as unarmed strikes and follow the monk's unarmed attack progression in every way, with the exceptions that they deal piercing/slashing damage, may offer slightly increased reach and are not physically part of the monk's body. The blades last until the monk dispels them or loses consciousness. The monk can choose to throw one of their mind blades per round as a ranged weapon with a range of 30/60 feet. They use their Wisdom modifier to making such attacks. Whether or not the attack hits, the mind blade then dissipates and must be reformed by the monk. Mind Blades function as magical weapons for the purpose of hitting targets resistant to non-magical attacks.

The monk can manifest and use two Mind Blades at a time, typically one extending from each hand or fist. In addition, the monk has the ability to infuse their Mind Blades with destructive psychic energy. By spending 1 ki point (one 1 ki point per Mind Blade if they so choose), they can charge their Mind Blades and on the next successful attack the Mind Blade deals an extra 1d6 psychic damage to the target. This psychic damage increases by a 1d8 when they reach 7th level (2d8), 12th level (3d8), 17th level (4d8).

Mind Blade Enhancement:
At level 6 the monk's Mind Blades gain a bonus of +1 to attack and damage rolls and are treated as +1 magical weapons. This bonus increases to a +2 at level 11 and a +3 at level 17.

In addition, the monk gains the ability to absorb enchantments from magical weapons and permanently infuse them into their Mind Blades. To do this, the monk must take one hour during a long rest focusing on absorbing the enchantments from any magic weapon they are attuned to, then infusing it into their Mind Blades. All of the weapon's magical properties are permanently transferred into their Mind Blades. They can only have one infusion at a time affecting both mind blades equally. If the monk attempts to infuse the enchantments of another magical weapon, the previous Mind Blade enchantments are defused and permanently lost. Once used, the magical weapon permanently loses all of it's magical properties and enchantments. This ability only functions on magical weapons and will not work on other magical items. The Mind Blades effective enchantment bonus can exceed, but may never drop below its level based magical bonus: So +1 at level 6, +2 at level 11, +3 at level 17. For example, a level 17 Way of the Mind Blade monk absorbing a Scimitar of Speed +1 would result in both of their Mind Blades becoming Mind Blades of Speed +3.

The monk also gains the ability to alter their Mind Blade's form. The monk can spend one full round to mentally reform both mind blades into any weapon they are proficient with. The Mind Blade will continue to glow phosphorescently and will remain the color of the monk's soul. The monk can reform his Mind Blades into either two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon. As long as the monk maintains passive focus and is within 60 feet of it, the Mind Blade will remain in the chosen form for as long as they want it to. Loss of focus (example: going to sleep or losing consciousness) causes the weapon to dissipate, just like the Mind Blades it was formed from. The monk must reform the weapon if he wants it back again.

Due to the rigorous mental training and increased affinity with their Mind Blades, at level 6 monks following the Way of the Mind Blade gain resistance to Psychic damage and advantage in all saving throws against fear, charm, mind control effects and any affect that would attempt to alter your mind.

Power Of The Soul:
Starting at 11th level, a Mind Blade monk can use their soul to conjure additional effects onto your attacks. When their attack hits, they can spend 1 ki point to choose one effect to add to their attack. The monk can use this ability a number of times equal to their Wisdom Modifier + their Proficiency Bonus, and regain all uses at the end of a long rest.

Flames of Hatred: The monk's attack damage type becomes fire based and the target must make a Dexterity Saving Throw against your Mind Blade DC or be set on fire, a target that is on fire takes 2d10 fire damage at the start of their turn until they or another creature uses an action to douse the flames. This damage increases to 3d10 at level 17. Creature making a successful save takes half damage and is not set on fire.
Soul of Ice: The monk's Soul Blade attacks are infused with icy cold. The target must make a Constitution save or take 3d6 cold damage and is slowed for 1d4 rounds. This damage increases to 4d6 at level 17. Targets making a successful save take half damage and are not slowed.
Touch of of the Thunder God: The monk's Mind Blade is infused with electricity. The target must make a Strength save against the Mind Blade DC or take 2d10 electrical damage, be knocked back 15 feet and be knocked prone. Damage increases to 3d10 at level 17. Successful save to take half damage and not be knocked back or knocked prone.
The Sun God's Rebuke: The Mind Blade is infused with radiant solar energy, dealing 2d8 radiant damage, or 3d8 if the target is undead or otherwise adversely weak against radiant energy. The undead and denizens of the lower planes failing their save will be dismissed the Shadowfell or to their plane of origin. Charisma save for half damage and to avoid dismissal.
Calm Waters: Target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw against your Mind Blade DC or be put to sleep for up to 1 minute, if the target takes any damage during this time it wakes up or if another creature uses its action to wake the creature. This time increases to 2 minutes at level 10 and 3 minutes at level 17.
Freedom of Will: Upon making physical contact with a friendly target or successfully hitting a hostile target with a Mind Blade strike, the monk may remove one status effect from the target or themselves.
Fury of the Gods: Target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw against the monk's Mind Blade DC or become enraged. An enraged creature must spend its turn moving towards the nearest creature, friend or foe, and attack it if possible. It repeats the save at the end of each of its turns.
Spirit Command: Target must make a Wisdom save or be dominated, per the Dominate Person spell.
Wave of Terror: Mind Blade emits a blast of psychic terror. The target and every creature with equal or fewer total hit dice within 30 feet who can see the monk must make a Wisdom saving throw or become terrified of the monk until the end of their next turn.
Baneful Strike: Choose an item that the target is holding, it must make a Constitution Saving Throw against your Mind Blade DC or drop the item.

Soul Rift:
At 17th level the Mind Blade monk gains the following ability. Once per day, on a successful attack with one of their Mind Blades, the monk can choose to spend 5 ki points to unleash powerful soul-crushing energies into the target. The target must make a Intelligence saving throw or have its mind and soul torn from its body, reducing them to 0 Hit Points and killing them. This ability also affects mindless/soul-less beings like the undead and magical constructs. An undead creature failing a Constitution save will have its ties to the Negative Material Plane/Shadowfell severed, destroying it. When used on a magical construct like a golem, upon a failed Constitution save the magical energies maintaining and animating the construct are unraveled, and the construct is unmade. If the target is pure spirit, astral or ethereal, it is reduced to 0 Hit Points and destroyed. In all cases, on a successful save, the target survives and instead takes 10d10 psychic damage.

Unbreakable Mind
After reaching 20th level, the mind of the monk following the Way of the Mind Blade has become so powerful that no creature can tamper with it. They are now immune to fear, charm, mind control effects and any other affect that would attempt to alter their mind.

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A few ideas for Monks. Note that not all of them are physical items.

(Also, only 6 for now. Not even a full page; Shameful, I know.)

Okay I have more time now.

Bands of Far Reaching
Wondrous Item, Rare(Requires attunement by a monk)

A pair of rings with one violet gem embedded in each. While the monk wears both rings, their unarmed attacks gain a 15 foot reach, and their unarmed attacks deal force damage.This one is interesting but a little odd to me. It's basically Ring of the Ram rewritten for monks. What I'm not making sense of is this: How does proficiency in unarmed melee translate into proficiency at hitting things at range with "15 foot long boxing gloves?" I think it works as long as you disallow Flurry of Blows. I think you should try to keep the Monk on the front lines, but this sounds like a great situational item. I'm not sure that you need both rings really. I'd leave the other ring slot open for other magical rings.

Dim Mak Gi
Wondrous Item, Legendary(Requires attunement by an open palm monk)

A +2 magical gi. The monk is considered unarmoured for the purposes of determining AC. Each of the monk's unarmed attacks deal an additional die of necrotic damage. This die is the size of the monk's martial arts die. In addition, the monk's Quivering Palm ability costs one fewer ki point to activate, and when the monk leaves vibrations, they may choose to place a timer on the effect. In doing so, they may name an amount of time which needs to pass, a specific time, or another condition. When this time or condition is met, the vibrations activate automatically, without the monk's input, and even if the monk is dead.Awesome concept for a legendary. Could even add a really cool backstory about the Grand Master who originally owned it and whose spirit empowers it, etc. Fun tip of the cap to the movie Bloodsport too. Honestly, the Dim Mak and Quivering Palm are exactly the same thing. Maybe just let the Monk to have two Quivering Palms in effect at the same time? Perhaps it grants Quivering Palm to monks who didn't go Way of the Open Hand? I like the added control this gives the monk. Kinda having mixed feelings adding necrotic damage to every strike.

Master's Weapon
Weapon(Any), Very Rare(Requires attunement by a monk)

A +1 magical weapon infused with ki. Regardless of the weapon's form, the monk may treat an attack from this weapon as an unnarmed strike for the purposes of class features.In 3.5e they had your standard short list of weapons that could be treated as unarmed strikes. Kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, and siangham. (Not sure how shuriken is supposed to work as unarmed combat, but the rest make sense.) I never liked being limited only to just those weapons. Monks in real life were/are often masters of just about every Medieval weapon under the sun. But in keeping with the Hollywood-ized fantasy world, I think I'm going to homebrew those "monk weapons" back into the game. This allows you to give Mr Monk a Frostbrand Nunchaku, or a Sun Quarterstaff (oh look, it's Darth Maul's righteous clone!) or the like, all usable by a monk for their unarmed strikes.

Wraps of Zerthimon
Wondrous Item, Legendary(Requires attunement by a lawful monk)

+3 magical wraps for the monk's hands. These wraps possess a number of charges equal to your monk level, which you may use in the following ways. The wraps of zerthimon regain 1d6+the monk's proficiency modifier charges at the end of a long rest.

Body, Mind, and Soul. While wearing these wraps, the monk may spend two of these charges to make all of their ability scores equal to their highest ability score. This effect lasts for 3 turns, and may be extended by 2 turns for each additional charge expended.

Recover Life. The monk may use an action to expend any number of these charges. In doing so, the monk restores 1d8 health per charge expended.

Recover Ki. The monk may use a bonus action to convert any number of these charges into Ki points.

Ravage Mind and Spirit. When rolling damage against a creature whom isn't an undead or construct, the monk may expend any number of charges to deal an additional 1d6 psychic damage and 1d6 necrotic damage per charge expended.Piling a awful lot of things into a single item here, aren't we? It's Legendary, bordering on artifact, so it's doable. For one thing, considering the backstory, I'd swap "monk must be Lawful" for "monk must be Good." Zerthimon opposed Gith's desire to unite the gith race and conquer the multiverse. Gith's dreams of bloody conquest are a very Lawful Evil thing to do. Zerthimon opposed her because he was good and because she was evil.

As it is a Legendary item, most of it looks good to me. The Ravage Mind and Spirit function might be a little over the top. A level 10 monk could use it to add 10d6 psychic damage + 10d6 necrotic damage onto the base 1d6+3+Dex modifier damage? Even for a one-off, that seems like a pretty big kaboom. But since it is a one-off on a legendary item, I suppose it works.

Boon of Swift Strike
When making additional attacks using the Martial Arts or Flurry of Blows features, the monk may make an additional attack.No complaints, sounds perfect. If the achievement is big enough, you could even add one or two strikes, but I wouldn't do more than 3.

Boon of Unrelenting Existence
The monk may not be charmed, dominated, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, petrified, restrained, or stunned, and their movement speed may not be reduced.I kinda want to change the name. Not sure why, I just do. Otherwise, as a reward for a doing something really really big and very specific, that works. Saving the world level of achievement. Be prepared to have to get creative challenging that character from now on.

Useful feedback?