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2018-01-07, 10:26 AM
I really liked The Wolf Among Us, and would love to play it as roleplay system, have anyone done something like this? If yes, please give me info.

2018-01-08, 04:00 AM
As Fables fan, who have read the main series, about half of Jack of Fables, Cinderalla (From Fabeltown with love) I might have few ideas.
First thing- D&D as it is, probably won't fit the Fables.
If anything, maybe story teller system like Fate would fit.

They got many rules that D&D is... too rational system to deal with.
For example-Prince Charming always win.
Always- girls, wars, duals.. he always win. But he is a failure about dealing with it afrerward.

Also, there is the matter of popularity=power.
Snowhite can survive a bullet to her brain.
Red Rose can't.

If you also count the Literals, then... D&D as it is, won't work.
You could use D20 if you wish, but the story of Fables is about mechanic of stories-
for example the revival of The Round Table, which repeat the same story.

I have dmed Fables in complete freeform..

2018-01-08, 08:10 AM
The Wolf Among Us works great as its own thing, but doesn't really translate very well to the tabletop. The game is about Bigby's self-control over his condition and a mystery that he's trying to solve, alone. The fables themselves are many, varied, and ill-defined. What exactly half of them can do isn't really specified and a lot of the bigger problems aren't solved by brute force - there are fight scenes, but not usually against anyone important in the grand scheme of things. It's a mess that cleverly hides that it's a mess by not having half of the situations that could theoretically occur actually occur. That doesn't lend itself well to tabletop role-playing games.