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Wheaton's Whelp
2018-01-10, 12:37 PM
Hello Everyone!

I am constructing a homebrew Paladin Oath, and I'd love to get feedback for balancing.

All suggestions welcomed and encouraged.

Oath of Atonement

Life, Death, Good and Evil, two sides of the same coin. An Oath of Atonement Paladin stands at the precipice of darkness, dipping a guiding hand into the river Styx to pull souls away from eternal torment, and back to the side of good. In bargaining with the Raven Queen, these Holy Knights are granted powers of the Shadowfell to tear souls destined for the Nine Hells, granting these souls a chance for atonement upon the Material Plane. Loathed by devils, and seen as dangerous by other paladins, those under the Oath of Atonement revel in saving the souls of supposedly already damned.

• Penance?
• Atonement?
• Forgiveness?
• Wrath?
• Repemption?

Oath Spells:
3rd: Armor of Agathys, Hex?, Ray of Sickness?
5th: Gentle Repose, Pass without Trace
9th: Animate Dead, Life Transference?, Speak with Dead?, Vampiric Touch?
13th: Blight?, Shadow of Moil?, Death Ward?
17th: Danse Macabre, Negative Energy Flood?, Antilife Shell?

Channel Divinity: 3rd Level
• Heavenly Redemption: When completing a killing blow against a humanoid creature, the player can immediately use its reaction on its turn to touch and raise the dead as a zombie. (Potentially restrict zombie HP?) The raised zombie can be given orders as a bonus action on your next turn, and it expires after 24 hours unless animate dead is cast.
• Life from Death: As a bonus action, you can refresh your Lay on Hands HP pool by siphoning HP from your undead summons and animated corpses. This HP pool can also be used to increase the max HP of skeletons/zombies raised by an amount up to your Charisma modifier plus proficiency bonus.

Aura of Confession:
At 7th level, you emanate an Aura of Confession in a 10 ft. radius around you, any summoned/raised undead within the aura can add your Charisma bonus to their AC, Attack Rolls, and Damage Rolls. At 18th level the aura increases to 30 ft.

Penanced Smite
At 15th level, you can use an animate corpse as a mobile smite grenade. Channeling smite through a skeleton/zombie as a bonus action causes the smite’s energy to blast out in a 10 ft. radius, causing radiant damage to all creatures within that area. The additional 1d8 damage applies to the smite damage as it cast through the zombie/skeleton.


Revenant Squire
At 15th level, once per in-game week you can spend an hour to reanimate a humanoid corpse to return as a Revenant. Revenants brought back are souls pulled from the Hells, and believe you can grant them forgiveness in the eyes of your God. You can only have one Revenant at a time. As a bonus action, you can direct the Revenant to swear vengeance against an enemy causing its damage against this target to increase by 4d6. Upon killing this foe the Revenant is released from its duty.

Avatar of the Shadowfell:
At 20th level, as an action, you can open yourself to influence from the Shadowfell, becoming an avatar of the Raven Queen for a minute and gaining the following features:

• You become surrounded by an aura of gloom and shadows. The aura reduces any bright light in a 30 ft. radius around the paladin to dim light, and dim light to magical darkness. As an avatar you can see through magical darkness; your summons can use your sight to see through this darkness.
• Your melee attacks siphon life essence for you to mold and use. As a bonus action, you can redirect this essence, equal to half the damage dealt, to heal an ally within 30 ft. of you or replenish the HP pool of your Lay on Hands.
• Your summons within your aura gain resistance to all damage.

This feature can be use once per long rest.

Wheaton's Whelp
2018-01-24, 12:22 AM
I did a little playing around with the Oath of Atonement, and made it a bit prettier to look at.

The Oath of Atonement Paladin (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SJdkH5HrM)

Please let me know if you have, or are interested in testing out this Oath in one of your own games. My testing so far has been limited, and I'd love feedback on people thoughts: both first thoughts looking at the Oath and from those who have playing time.

Thank you