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2018-01-10, 02:50 PM
Hello playground! For some time now I've been working on several changes for most of the base classes in 3.5e that we have been using in my campaign to the great satisfaction of my players and, given that we are now in a one and a half month hiatus due to exams coming up, I figured I'd dust it off and post it here for critique so I can revise it and/or clean it up.

We play under a small number of core system changes but the only one you need to be aware of to critique is that Wisdom is split into two stats: Perception and Willpower, with Perception giving modifiers to Spot, Listen and Sense Motive, while Willpower does not have any skills but is instead used only for spellcasting and Will saves. (The rest of the Wis skills have been shifted to Intelligence).

With no further due, here is the barbarian:

Barbarian (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z8bAmYau7abKfr6_v2hBtUhhwzagta5n/view?usp=sharing)

As in the title, throw all your critique at me.