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Humans Human appearances are in line with the SRD.
Slaves These humans were slaves of the Dawn Elves that have escaped the realm. Having been slaves, they were oppressed most of their lives, and as such are more able to handle adversity, but are not as learned as their free brethren.
Characteristics: +2 Con, -2 Int
Languages: Automatic: Common, Slave Slang
Extra: Any (Other than High Elven)
Bonus Feat: Gain Endurance Feat at first level
Human bonus feat must be physically oriented
Racial Traits: +2 Swim, Jump, Climb checks, Knowledge (local) is a racial class skill
Favored Class(es): Any non-learned class. Character can not start as a class other than fighter, rogue, or barbarian and may not be literate in any of those classes until given an opportunity to learn to read and write at a later level as per barbarian class rules.
Other:Maintains human bonus skill points at levels after 1st but not at 1st level as those points are spent in the craft/profession bonuses.
+2 DC on saving throws vs their spells
Free These humans have known only freedom their entire lives. They could be the children of escaped slaves, or their family could have always been free, escaped before the elven tyranny. For this reason they tend to be very charismatic, but at times have trouble dealing with the world.
SRD Humans
Bonus:+1 effective caster level on all checks requiring it.
+4 DC on saving throws vs their spells

Elves Elves of this world follow more along the line of the Tolkien elves in appearances and longevity. They are basically immortal, but they can die from poisoning or wounds suffered in battle.
Dawn - These elves are totally obsessed with magic. As such, they have let their physical prowess dwindle to enhance their mental capabilities. Most are evil, even many of those who have rebelled against the king are thought to have their own evil motives.
Characteristics: +2Dex, +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Str, -2 Con
Languages: Automatic: Common, High Elven, Elvish Common
Extra: Any (Other than Sylvan and Slave Slang)
Racial Traits: Immunity to magic sleep, +2 Bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks, Automatic Search if an Elf passes within 5 of a concealed or secret door, +2 Bonus to saves vs. Enchantments, automatic proficiency with Hand-Crossbows, Rapier, and Shortsword, +2 Bonus on Will Saves vs Spells and Spell-like Abilities, Knowledge (arcane) is a racial class skill.
Favored Class(es): Wizard
Twilight These elves have shunned the lure of arcane magic and embraced nature. Nature, in turn, has granted them greater physical stature. While their Dawn brethren are mostly evil, the Twilight elves have a tendency toward being chaotic.

Characteristics: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con, -2 Cha
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Elvish Common
Extra: Any
Racial Traits: Immunity to magic sleep, +2 Bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks, +2 Bonus saves vs. Enchantments, automatic proficiency with all Straight Bows, Rapier, and Longsword, Low-Light Vision, Knowledge (nature) is a racial class skill.
Favored Class(es): Druid

Dwarves Dwarves are considered the oldest race still in existence. They have documentation of the awakening of humans as well as the coming of the elves, not to mention many races that can no longer be found on Oracania. However, they guard their scripts that hold these, and other secrets, zealously. They use this zealousness in two other aspects of their lives as well, their crafts and their gods. Thalos, the god of stone, and his brother Thelum, the god of fire, are the two gods the Dwarves revere above all.
Stone Dwarves - Stone Dwarves are the fighters. They consider themselves made from the stone themselves, and they typically have the fortitude to prove it.
SRD Dwarves
(exception) - Stone Dwarves recieve a +3 racial bonus to craft and appraise checks toward anything not related to metal.

Forge Dwarves - Forge Dwarves are the priests of the race. They consider themselves more pious than their brethren and spend much of their spare time metal working at the forge or praying. These dwarfs have little need for those who do not appreciate working with metal, and tend to be more surly than the typical dwarf.

Changes from SRD Dwarves
+2Con, +2 Wis, -4 Cha
+4 Craft/Appraise checks toward anything related to metal
Favored Class: Cleric

Half-Orc - Most of the people considered "Orcs" on the Southern Plains are actually half-orcs. Most of the true Orcs died long ago. Half-Orcs are indifferent towards Humans, distrust Elves, and outright hate Dwarves.

SRD Based...Changes are as follows
Characteristics: +2 Str, +2Con, -2Wis, -2 Int, -2 Cha

Half-Elf (Twilight) - Most Half-Elves have a Twilight Elf ancestory. Dawn Elves view this union as unholy, and if a half-elf child is ever found under their rule, it is killed out right. Half-Elves of either variety tend to be scarce.

SRD Changes
+2 Wis, -2 Cha
Favored Class: Ranger or Druid (read below)

The Twilight Half-Elves inheritted their ancestors love of nature and dislike of cities and large groups of people.
If the Half-Elf was raised by humans, they gain an extra bonus feat at the first level (as normal humans) and their favored class is Ranger.
If with elves, they gain the elven weapon proficiencies and their favored class is Druid.

Half-Elf (Dawn) - Not all of the half-elf children, however, are found. Those that survive their early years are forced to rely on their wits and charm to survive due to being heavily persecuted by the Dawn Elves, and to a lesser extent, the humans.
While they exhibit their elven parents grace in social situations they do still suffer from some of the physical fraility. A dawn half-elf's unique blood combination results in an instinctive affinity for magic rivaled by no other race in the world.

Characteristics: +2 Cha, +2 Wis, -2 Str
Favored Class: Sorcerer
Other: A Dawn Half-Elf Sorcerer gains bonus spells from their Cha modifier and half their Int modifier (round down). They also gain a +2 DC on saving throws vs their spells.
Rest is SRD

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A Brief History

The land has been at open war for the last four years, and neither side has found any advantage over the other.

A mystery figurehead has taken control of the Kingdom of the Dawn. Even the servents of the Dawn don't know who it is. His symbol is a red hand in a circle of flame. Because of this, he is known as "Red Hand".

Before "Red Hand" can get comfortable on his throne, King Ethan, leader of the armies of freed men, began his slow push into the Kingdom of the Dawn, looking to overthrow the Dawn Elf rule for good.

However, this "Red Hand" seems to have more on his mind than war. Scouts of Ethan have reported that recently soldiers bearing the red hand emblem were seen exploring ancient ruins west of the villiage of Bruin.

Yathil, a commander in the Army of Freed Men has been charged to find a group fit to find out what these soldiers are up to and track them if need be. His search will begin in the town of Lakeshore.

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Dieties of Oracania

Silphos - god of magic and destruction
Domains: Chaos, Magic, Trickery, Destruction

This deity is the primary god of the Dawn elves. Many Dawn Elves that lack the intellect to handle arcane magics devote their lives to this deity in hopes of a small taste of the arcane that they have missed out on.

Leith - god of nature
Domains: Animal, Plant, Sun, Water

The Twilight Elves turned to this deity when their brothers betrayed them. While there are no temples or monuments to the worship of Leith, the Twilight Elves believe in worshipping in action rather than in words.

Thalos - god of stone
Domains - Earth, Strength, War

The belief of both races of dwarves is that Thalos was their creator. Many Stone Dwarves believe their Forge brethren heiratics, however, they would never say so openly for fear of vengence from Thelum.

Thelum - god of fire
Domains: Fire, Law, Protection

Thelum, the brother of Thalos, gifted some of the Dwarves the ability to shape metal with great skill. Through his guidence, the Forge Dwarves were the first to shape mithril and other such rare metals.

Cardicia - goddess of nurturing
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Knowledge

A deity to the downtrodden. Those human slaves that refuse to worship Silphos tend to find comfort with Cardicia. Likewise many free humans worship her as well hoping she will protect them from future woes or give them insight into their problems.

Fornac - god of the elements
Domains: Air, Fire, Earth, Water

Many of the orc tribes lean toward shamanism, and as such worship the god who brought the elements into being.

Showgal - goddess of death
Domains: Death, Travel, War

Showgal is honored by all races of Oracania as the goddess who guides the dead to the after life. She is primarily honored at funerals, and is honored in different ways by the different cultures. She is also considered the goddess of war for all races but the Dwarves, to which that title falls to Thalos.

Note: These are domains from SRD. If you have a domain from another source you would like to use, run it by me and I'll see where it would fall.

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I think you are using too many Spoilers, it's confusing. Sounds interesting so far. Have you tried reducing the Map size for posting here?

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Class Availability

Core Classes
{table]Class|Favored Races|Restricted Races
Barbarian|Half-Orc, Human|Dawn Elves, Twilight Elves
Cleric|Forge Dwarf, Human|None
Druid|Twilight Elf, Twilight-Half Elf, Free Human*|Dawn Elf, Dwarves
Fighter|Stone Dwarf, Human|None
Paladin|Free Human|None
Ranger|Twilight-Half Elf, Free Human*|Dawn Elf, Dwarves
Sorcerer|Dawn Half-Elf|All other Races
Wizard|Dawn-Elf, Free Human|Half-Orc**, Dwarves**,Slave Human**,Twilight Elves[/table]

Other Classes
{table]Class|Restricted Races
Beguiler|See Wizard Class
Duskblade|See Wizard Class
Hexblade|See Sorcerer Class
Knight|Dawn Elf
Spellthief|Half-Orcs, Dwarves
Spirit Shaman|Stone Dwarves, Humans**, Elves**
Warlock|Twilight Elves, Twilight Half-Elves, Dwarves, Humans
Warmage|See Sorcerer Class[/table]

Note: I'm not including PrCs in this list, if you want a PrC, run it by me.
Note: If a general term like "Human" or "Dwarves" is used, it encompasses all subraces.

*Free Humans can be this class only if they've lived in close proximity to the Twilight Elves, otherwise it's restricted.

**These races are restricted from this class at the first level, they can later multi-class into them assuming they can find a mentor.

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looks good, but expect lots of rants from your humans and elves being too much overpowered (i.e: bonus to caster level)

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Is the Ultimate Magus prc available?