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RMS Oceanic
2007-08-24, 05:29 PM
For a new Gestalt Game, our DM put various combinations in a hat and asked us to draw. I got Paladin//Warmage, which is like Unearthed Arcana's recommended Paladin//Sorceror which can wear armor, which is pretty cool. However, It's hard to ask for a combination with greater MAD problems. Charisma obviously gets first dibs between arcane spellcasting and Divine Health/LoH, but Wisdom for divine spellcasting and Intelligence for Skill points/Warmage Edge duke it out a lot. Fortunately we're running with an extremely liberal point buy system which works thus:

1. Start with 32 points
2. Each stat starts at 10
3. It's one point for one until you hit 16
4. For 17 and 18, two points each. (Max 18, pre-racial adjustment)

So in this system, it takes 10 points to max out an ability.

My basic question: how would you arrange the points? I was thinking in priority of Charisma-Strength-Constitution-Wisdom-Intelligence-Dexterity, but I'm asking around. Also, what stats should I boost every four levels? And which feats would be good?

Side notes: Besides the more basic combos, other possible combos he came up with were Paladin//Favoured Soul, Soulknife//Fighter, Paladin//Knight and Soulknife//Warblade. Would these have been any good?

2007-08-24, 05:45 PM
Presuming human...

Stat / points
Str: 16 / 6
Dex: 12 / 2
Con: 16 / 6
Int: 16 / 6
Wis: 14 / 4
Cha: 16 / 6

Leaving you with 2 points left over. Choose either Str (and therefore melee combat) or Cha (and thus spellcasting) as your priority, make that a 17 and then put all your level up stuff into that one. 14 wis is plenty for paladin casting, and your priority order is pretty much right. I don't remember how important Int is to warmage, so you could pull some points out of that in order to have 12 int and 18 con or something like that.

Rediculously generous point buy system by the way. I'd love to make a fighter in that system, str 18, dex 18, con 18, int 10, wis 12, cha 10.

Soulknife/Warbadle would be about as awesome as melee can get.

Dr. Weasel
2007-08-24, 06:05 PM
Paladin/Favored Soul would probably be alright since the MAD is at least prioritized similarly between the classes, especially with your massive stat buy. The Soulknife/Fighter gets a free sword and a couple skill points from his Soulknife levels and... that's it. The free sword bit probably isn't much of a big deal because most DMs look at the needs of a party and keep them fairly well equipped. He's probably the worst off.
The Paladin/Knight again has two incredibly similar classes. His saves'll be pretty good and his Reflex save won't matter too much due to his hit points so I'd say it's going to be okay but not too far ahead of a non-gestalt character.
The Soulknife/Warblade again gains little from his Soulknife levels. Psychic Strike might actually do something for him since he won't be full attacking. He'll probably be in a pretty good position.
Your DM seems to understand the balance issues that come up since he's dropped the most powerful casters entirely. Your fighter might be a bit underpowered compared to the rest of the party, but will probably be able to find something useful to do in most cases as there won't be any wizards ending the fights in two rounds.