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2018-01-18, 06:52 PM
One of my players did this based on a reddit thread by Named_Bort. How can i balance it while keeping the Battle Master maneuvers in the base class?


Maneuvers went from Battle Master Archetype to Base Class
Indomitable (1) and (2) went from Base Class to Sentinel Archetype. Indomitable (3) added to Sentinel Archetype
Two extra Ability Score Improvements went from Base Class to Paragon Archetype
Remarkable Athlete went from Champion Archetype to Base Class (optional)
Combat Intuition added to Base Class
Extra Attack (3) went from 20th level to 17th level, following the feature rearrangement pattern set by 5e Monks and Warlocks
Second Wind evolution added in Sentinel’s archetype
Survivor went from Champion archetype to Vindicator archetype
Vindicator Archetype has Brute Force and Brutish Durability, from Unearthed Arcana’s Brute Archetype. The Archetype also has Fighting Spirit and Tireless Spirit, from Xanathar’s Guide to everything’s Samurai Archetype, in addition to Survivor from the Champion Archetype, from the Player’s Handbook 5e.


Combat Intuition
Slayers aren't trained in only strength or agility, a skilled warrior knows how to read his opponents and understand what they will do before they think to do it
As a bonus action, you can use your Insight in an attempt to gauge your opponents and the battle. You size up one opponent within 5 feet of you, making a Wisdom (Insight) check contested by their Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) or Charisma (Deception) check. Any enemy that fails this check suffers Disadvantage on actions taken against you until your next turn.