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2018-01-18, 11:11 PM
I am in a 5E campaign. I am a late joiner & ended up with some very good magic items. The more senior players do not have so much, and since I have the homebrew bug I decided to make up some magic items to pitch to my DM.

Take a look at these and tell me if you think they are 1) of roughly equal value and 2) appropriate for level 9-12ish characters.


The Hungry Spelltome
(Must be attuned to by a Wizard or Sorcerer)

Since its creation, the Hungry Spelltome has been in a tug-of-war between those who revere magic as an intellectual pursuit & those who embrace it as an untamable force of reality. While both sides consider themselves polar opposites & use the tome in different ways, the end goal for any user is the same: stealing magic.

The Spelltome is a spellbook of normal size, with 99 pages (Page 13 is missing). It may be written in like a normal spellbook. It has a fine leather cover, with gilded corners and an almost comical image of a mouth-agape face worked into it. The book is sentient, but usually only active around people it wishes to be used by.

Anyone attuned to the book gets Advantage on saving throws against spell effects so long as the book is on their person. Additionally, they have a telepathic link with the book with a range of one mile; they may speak to the book, but it is not capable of response.

When any Wizard is attuned to the book, it gains a unique ability. Whenever the user detects an arcane spell being cast within 100 feet, they may use their reaction to attempt to absorb that spell into the Spelltome. The user and the caster make an opposed Arcana check. If the user wins, the spell has no effect & becomes written on the pages of the Hungry Spelltome. Once this has happened, this ability cannot be used again for a number of days equal to the level of the spell, minimum one day.
The book must be in the Wizard's hands to use this ability. If the spell is already in the Spelltome, this attempt automatically fails. If the Spelltome's pages are full, this attempt automatically fails.

When a Sorcerer attunes to the book, it gains a different ability. The sorcerer may cast any spell in the book by using their action & expending an appropriate spell slot. Once this is done, the spell is erased from the book. The Sorcerer must have the book in their hands to use this ability. Since its creation, the book has been getting filled up by Wizards and emptied by Sorcerers; passed back and forth in a constant jealousy, which brings the book much joy.

The book is capable of moving its own pages and text around, and will do so to those who use it without mastering it. If a non-attuned caster attempts to prepare or copy a spell from it, that spell, when cast, becomes subject to the random effects of Wild Magic Surge, per the Sorcerer class.

Alignment & Personality: The book is Chaotic Neutral, and exists to bring chaos into magic. Whether it was first created by a Wizard or Sorcerer is unclear, with the Sorcerers being the obvious choice but the Wizards generally assuming credit. Despite its alignment, it does not care what the alignment of its master is - in fact, it delights in a Lawful master to whom it can make suggestions. The book does not speak, but communicates by notes and messages that scribble themselves into its margins and blank pages. It can turn its own pages, and will do so to 'suggest' spells to its master. These suggestions, while usually fit to solve the immediate situation, are primarily for the amusement of the book & its desire to bring chaos into magic.

The book can fly at a speed of 40 feet, but usually only does so to attract the attention of a new master, or for self-preservation. It is certainly capable of flying to its master in response to a telepathic command, but whether or not it will actually do so varies greatly depending on the book's mood.

The book has Intelligence 19, Wisdom 17, and Charisma 21.

Legend: As a magic item, the book should be extremely difficult to damage - and yet, Page 13 of the tome has been torn out. Rumors abound to who tore it out and why, if it still exists, what spell is written on it, and what powers the book will get if the page is returned & the book made whole.


High Tide & Low Tide
Require Attunement

High Tide & Low Tide are a pair of +1 tridents crafted by an ancient subaquatic cleric.

High Tide functions as a Dancing weapon, though its movement speed is 60 feet in the air and 90 feet underwater. When High Tide scores a critical hit against a Large or smaller foe, the victim must make a DC 15 Strength save or be knocked prone. While holding High Tide, the user's swim speed is doubled.

Low Tide grants its user resistance to Electricity as long as they hold it. It also does an additional 1d6 electric upon a successful hit. While holding Low Tide, if the user is successfully attacked with an unarmed strike, natural attack, or metal melee weapon, they may use their Reaction to deal 2d6 Electric damage to the attacker.

If High Tide & Low Tide are not attuned to the same individual, they lose their +1 bonus.

Legend: No one remembers who first crafted these weapons & for what God. Credit usually goes to the last aquatic race to take possession of them. While race is unknown, the story is that they were crafted for two brother-warriors who swore to fight side by side; one quick, and one strong. As the two were inseparable in life, the weapons are weakened by being apart.


The Whispering Cloak
Requires attunement

This cloak is made of a black silk, so thin and fine is transparent in bright light. The hood is big enough to cover the entire face of the user, though this does not impair vision, and the tail of the cloak is long enough to go nearly to the ankles of the average medium humanoid. Its hem is made from the same material, and the item is featureless safe for a black metal clasp that makes no sound when closed, and a golden inscription inside the collar.

The cloak constantly whispers in dozens of voices only the attuned can hear. These whispers cannot be understood unless the hood is up; putting the hood up is an action. With the hood up, the user receives advantage in Perception checks within 15 feet as the cloak whispers to them about their surroundings. They receive advantage on checks to pick locks and disable traps. They may also use an action to make an Insight check to determine what a person within 60 feet has in their pockets or on their person, or what is on the other side of a door up to 60 feet away, or what is in a chest or drawer up to 60 feet away. This ability cannot penetrate airtight barriers. Unfortunately, while the hood is up, the user takes Disadvantage on any other kind of Insight roll, as the whispering voices have many different opinions on the hypothetical.

Three times per day, the user can activate a special ability of the Whispering Cloak. They may press their back to a wall up to three feet thick and spend an action to pass ethereally through the wall to find their back pressed against the other side. If the wall is too thick, or the space on the other side occupied, the ability fails. Passing through the same wall twice does not count against the daily use so long as the second attempt is within five minutes of the first. The cloak regains 1d3 uses at sunset.

The cloak is not sentient in and of itself, but it will constantly whisper to its user so long as the hood is up. Lacking immediately relevant information, it is prone to gossip about people the user has met & talk about the user's party members.

Legend: Befitting the item, the creator is a secret. Whomever made it clearly enjoyed collecting secrets, and many a like-minded user has learned uncovered great enigmas while wearing it - at least, presumably. The sort of person who bonds with the Whispering Cloak is not usually one to share a lot of their personal information. Because of the excessive material of the cloak, it is believed to have been made for a large-sized humanoid. The inscription in the collar has proven difficult to fully translate, but leads researched to believe it was crafted for the purpose of romantic rendezvous with a forbidden lover; most likely a nobleperson, given how good the item is for infiltrating castles.


Right Hand of Torm
Must be attuned to by a Lawful or Good individual.

This gauntlet is made from the thickest scales of a white dragon, polished to a pristine finish. It also has the symbol of Torm on a medallion set into the back of the wrist. When attuned, it is a simple, light, finesse melee weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Additionally, any attack with it deals 1d6 Radiant damage.

Any other melee weapon gripped by the gauntlet also gains the bonus radiant damage.

Three times per day, the attuned individual can attempt to Turn a chaotic or evil creature, as a Cleric Turns undead. The gauntlet itself is treated as the 'holy symbol' for this purpose. The saving throw equals 8 + the user's Proficiency bonus + their Wisdom or Charisma bonus (whichever is higher). If the target is both chaotic and evil, it gets disadvantage on its save. This ability only affects one creature at a time, and cannot be attempted more than once on the same creature in a single day. The gauntlet regains 1d3 charges each dawn.

Legend: Many question why this gauntlet is made of white dragon scales, as the beast does not at all exhibit the ideals of Torm. The truth is simply that the creator wanted it to be white, and there are no white metals. The item having the symbol of a white gauntlet on it even though it itself is a white gauntlet testifies to the Lawful nature of the creator.


Divine Castigator
Requires attunement by a non-evil Cleric, Druid, or Paladin who worships a non-evil deity

This +1 Mace has a spherical head covered in three-sided spikes. The shaft from the head to the handle is made of heavy chain links that appear to be fused together. When swung by an attuned individual, the links loosen and allow the user to make a melee attack at either five or ten feet.

The user may, as a bonus action, sacrifice a spell slot of level 1 or higher. Until the start of their next turn, the chain will elongate enough to increase its melee range by an additional 5 feet per spell level.

Anyone struck by the mace takes Disadvantage on the next saving throw vs a divine spell cast by the user, so long as the spell is cast within one minute of the last strike from the mace. Multiple hits between spells cast do not stack; a target must be struck again after spellcasting to repeat the effect.

If the weapon is used in an evil or unjust manner, the user's attunement with it breaks. They cannot reattune until they confess their action to a Good or Lawful cleric, or paladin of higher level than themselves & receive a Bless spell from that person.

Legend: The Divine Castigator was created by an Archcleric of Tyr. It bears no markings of the deity, however, for it was built to embody the concept of justice among all men. Many an evil-doer has felt its crushing blow, only to be followed up by the divine wrath of a noble God. There has been effort by the divine community to keep this weapon out of the hands of Lawful Neutral adventurers, who have been prone to use it excessively.


Leather Maille of Retribution
(Requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This +1 Glamered Studded Leather has three stones set into its chest; amber, garnet, and topaz. The stones remain visible on the chest regardless of the appearance taken by the armor. Superficially, the armor functions as a Ring of Spell Storing, with several differences. Firstly, the armor can only hold, at most, three spells. The maximum level of spells that can be held is nine. Only the attuned user can cast spells into the armor. The user may not cast these spells at will, but can erase one or more spells as an action.

When attacked and dealt damage, the attuned wearer may use their Reaction to cast one of the stored spells against the enemy. If the spell targets a creature or point in space, the enemy is the target. If the effect is a line or cone projected from the caster, the effect must be centered on the enemy. The target must be in range of the spell & the wearer of the armor must know where the enemy is.

Vibrant Verdant Herb

A small burlap pouch contains a handful of dirt, and within this grows a tender sprig of plantlife that never needs food nor water not sunlight, & is always in a healthy, undamaged state when the bag is opened. At most, the plant will be sprouting ten berries and three leaves.

As an action, a person may remove any number of available berries from the plant. These berries are treated as though the Goodberry spell had been cast upon them.

If a berry is planted in soil, overnight it will grow into a plant bearing a single fruit. The fruit is a large, seedless, starchy melon that can provide a full meal for five medium humanoids. One the fruit is removed, the plant becomes a mundane plant that does not reproduce or make any more fruit.

As an action, a person may remove one leaf from the plant. As another action, a creature may eat the leaf to enjoy the effects of a Lesser Restoration spell. The leaf loses its magical effect eight hours after being removed from the plant.

As an action, a person may pinch the plant's stalk free of the root. As another action, a creature may eat the stalk to enjoy the benefits of the Regenerate spell. The stalk loses its effect one hour after being removed from the root.

As an action, a person may pull the root of the plant from the dirt. As another action, the root may be placed in the mouth of a deceased individual. The remains need no more than a physical 'mouth' to place the root in - if only the upper and lower jawbones of the victim survived, they may be placed in the proper orientation & the root placed between them for the effect. This destroys the root and casts an effect identical to Resurrection on the remains. The root never loses its power, but will not grow any new parts until planted back in its bag or a similar container.

The root, if planted in soil, will grow overnight into a 20' tree. This tree will provide a full day's food to anyone who approaches it on a spring or summer day, in the forms of breadfruit, edible leaves, and edible bark. Only a Wish, Miracle, or similar power can return the tree to its original herbal state.

Each dawn, there is a 50% chance that a single missing berry will regrow. The plant cannot grow berries if it has no leaves.

Each dawn, there is a 30% chance a missing leaf will regrow. The plant cannot grow leaves if it has no stalk.

Each dawn, there is a 10% chance the missing stalk will regrow. The stalk cannot regrow if there is no root.

The root never regrows; if removed from the bag and used the item remains as a useless pouch of soil.

Legend: It is said that the Vibrant Verdant Herb was cultivated by a druid looking for an easy traveling kit for food and medicine. It is believed that there is a field of these herbs growing somewhere unknown, under conditions that prevent them from growing into trees. Legends aside, they have only ever been seen in the form of tiny herbs surviving in little bags or jars. If any town has a tree grown from one of these herbs, it is certainly a closely guarded secret to prevent it being taken advantage of or stolen.