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Moff Chumley
2007-08-25, 11:45 AM
Cutting right to things, the adventure I'm desgining isn't actually an adventure yet, so much as an extremaly fundamental plot and a location. More or less, the adventure progresses in this order:

PCs are on a ship, which capsizes/expireinces a mutiny/gets attacked by pirates. I like mutiny. Anyway, they end up on the shore of a large island.
They get attacked by natives, whom I'll get to later, before convincing them that they aren't out to destroy them, etc.
They get cought up in a political power play, and must decide who among the natives to support.
The PC's inevitably survive, and are whisked off on a dungeon crawl by popular demand, where they discover something that links to the antagonist of the first part of they adventure, that points them to the mountain venerated by the islands poulation.
As they progress up the mountain, they move backward in time, possibly encountering enemies from earlier in the adventure/campain, culminating with the beging of time, when the reach the summit.
Once on the summit, the PC's must confront the diety responsable for everything, who is currently a few levels higher than he PC's, and remove him/her from the worlds creation. By doing so, they gain gobs of XP and possibly a template or divine rank.

The natives organize themselves into four castes: The ruling caste, or Ra, is made up of Druids (Su), and sorcerers (Mu). They Early antagonist will be Ra-Su. The elite caste, or Ta, is made up of either ToB classes, or duskblades. Na, the fighting caste, is made up of Fighters, Scouts, or Barabarians. Fa is the common class, and is made up of commoners, rouges, bards, or experts. Other clasess are unheard of, but similar classes, such as ninjas for rouges, or Hexblades for Duskblades might be appropriate.

Please note, I'm making this up as I go along.

Any advice, suggestions, or critisisms?

Thanatos 51-50
2007-08-25, 01:17 PM
How about advancement through the castes?

Rangers/Scouts/Rogues? Do they not exist here? Are you limiting the PCs for taking these classes?

2007-08-25, 01:24 PM
I would also assume that ranger should be one of the classes possible there.

Moff Chumley
2007-08-25, 03:57 PM
The PC's aren't from the island, they aren't limited. Neither the flavor or mechanics fit for rangers, but scouts are now part of the Na Caste. Rouges fit, and are part of the Fa class. I'll edit the main post. It is imposible to advance by more than one caste, and you are selcted for a caste based on ability at age 18. You advance by way of advancing partway up the mountain, and reflect on what makes you better fitting for the class above you ,to change the past and advence yourself.