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2018-01-28, 03:41 PM
Mundanes of Thaum

Do you want to play a Tough, Strong, Smashy hero? Start with Warrior. Or are you thinking of a Clever, Quick, Sneaky hero? Start with Rogue. Or do you want to be a Spellcaster?

This section is not about the spellcasters. It's about most everybody else (except for social casters--bards and pantheon priests, if those two categories end up different)

I'd like to have a setup where other fighting styles are competitive with Barbarian Rage with TWo HAnded Power Attack.

Warriors get 2 Fighting Styles, Rogues get 1 Fighting Style plus Sneak Attack.
--Barbarian Rage
--Two-handed weapon style. (Unlocks 2HPA, trades defense for damage)
--Two-weapon style (includes using one weapon for Combat Maneuvers)
--Shield Mastery (Add BAB to touch AC, reflex saves). (Includes Heavy Armor Proficiency)
--Swashbuckler. Free Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse, BAB to AC (light or no armor)
--Archer. Free Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
--Weapon Specialist + BAB to hit, +BAB to damage with chosen weapon
--Defender. You prevent attacks on your allies, by taking those attacks instead. (Includes Heavy Armor Proficiency) Includes Combat Reflexes. USing an attack of opportunity, you can cause an attack on an ally within 5' to be rolled against you instead.