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2018-01-30, 10:25 PM
I play with a friend, who shall remain nameless, who constantly forgets which spells require contration. Our DM, however, dose not, but refuses to handhold. Mostly due to the fact we've been playing for months and are just tired. We honestly think it should be on him to remember. After all, he chose to role a spellcasting class. I recently was on youtube and saw clip of from an old show called Evil Con Carne and it gave me an idea. However, I want to fien tune it before I bring to the table.

Brain in a Jar
Wondorus item (Jar), Legendary (Requires attunment by a spellcaster)

After a failed attempt to become a lich destroyed his body and left only his brain , so as to have all of enternity to study hisotry & Magic, Professor Maurice Paulson was punished by Oghma and given immortality and sealed in an unbreakable jar.

Unwavering Focus - The Brain is able to concentrate unwaveringly on a single spell cast by creature as a bonus action. The creature must cast the spell first before "handing" it to the brain. The spell ends if the caster becomes incapacitated, dies, ends the spell, or gives the brain a new spell to concentrate.

Perfect Memory - Once per short rest, the brain can see through the user's eyes and attempt to identify magical item or creature that the user can see as an action. You can make an Arcana/History/Nature roll using the brain's inteliigence modifer.

Sentience - The Brain in a jar is sentient chaotic neutral magical item with an intelligence of 25, a wisdom of 17 (when attunned to a user), a charisma of 14. It has no hearing or darkvision, but aquires it if the creature attuened to it dose. This item can speak write, and understand all languauges and communicate telepathically with all who are currently touching it or attuned. It's voice sound normal and non-threatening

Personality - Brain in the Jar speaks in an excited, eager, tone as if hoping to learn something new. Being unable to "see" for countless years or centuries, all the brain desires is adventure and excitement. If the creature spends more than three days without some sort of conflict, socially or physically, A conflict will occur between it and its wielder. at the next sunset.

So there it is. Could use some feedback

2018-02-03, 02:25 PM
Maybe you should modify it so that the brain requires its owner to make the constitution check whenever they take damage, and if they don't, the spell ends? I'm fairly new here, so I am not sure.