View Full Version : Looking for feedback on rough game basics.

Black Knight 2k
2018-02-01, 04:15 PM
So, I've been working on something on and off for a while.
Would you like to comment on my concepts and mechanics so far, and if there's anything you like, don't like, just anything you think of?

Some background on this:
Why I am doing this, is to try to reach a game I very much would like to play.
My goals are to make a game with a lot of focus on character traits, and how the characters operate around them. A lot of character based drama from the troubles they bring themselves.
I want this paired with action that has a heavy emphasis on freedom and narration, and where the costs of failure hurt the characters a lot.
I want a game where the characters suffer because of themselves and others, but can overcome and grow from this.
About the skills, settingwise urban fantasy is my goal, with possible consideration that would allow the stripping of either the fantasy or the urban parts too.

And yeah, this is very early in conception.