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Rettu Skcollob
2007-08-27, 10:15 AM
Yeah, this is something I made when I was feelin' bored. If you like it you can fill in the gaps. I only finished some of it, I'm going to work on it a bit more later.

Wine: Rettus Wine Journal for the Connoisseur

Profession [Wine-Maker]: The user can manufacture elegant wines for the discerning palate.

Wine can be created, whenever the user has a vineyard, (or other suitable field growing fermentable plants), the appropriate reagents and workshop in which to process them.

Using Poor [Wine Reagent]’s, the user takes a –2 on his check, and cannot create Fine Wine

Using Fine [Wine Reagent]’s, the user has a +2 on his check, and cannot create Poor Wine

Using a Master-Work Workshop, the user has a +2 on his check. This does not apply to those untrained in Profession [Wine-Maker]

Wine Workshop, 3000gp
This building is filled with tubs, cisterns, barrels and numerous other accessories for making wine. The acrid odor of alcohol is heavy in the air, mixed with the fruity smell of grapes.

Wine Workshop [Masterwork], 5000gp
This building is filled with tubs, cisterns, and barrels, all with gilt engraving and finely made and numerous other well crafted accessories for making wine. There is a deliciously fruity aroma of fine wines and you feel you can taste them already.

Wine Bottle [Poor] 3cp
This bottle looks like it has been pieced together by a glass-blower with hiccups. Bumps and ridges cover it, and in some places, the wine has leaked, only to be patched up with labels. The wine inside is doubtless to taste horrific.
Wine Bottle [Average] 6cp
This bottle looks like an average, cheap bottle. Nothing special. The wine inside is probably strong enough to drown your sorrows, without leaving a taste that’s too bad in your mouth.
Wine Bottle [Fine] 1gp
This bottle looks as though it has been made with fine glass, and is almost completely smooth and flawless. The wine within almost certainly was made by a craftsman, and drinking it sounds like a good idea.
Wine Bottle [Masterwork] 50gp
This bottle is a masterpiece. Gilt engravings and embellishing cover it, and the glass reflects the light like polished crystal. The wine inside must be worthy of royalty.

Grapes (White or Red): It costs 1 gp/ 5 square feet of land to plant grapes. There is no need to re-plant after a year. On a check of Profession [Farmer] over a year, the following results yield

2-5 Poor Grapes
6-16 Average Grapes
17-20 Fine Grapes

There is an annual yield of 1 bottle/5 square feet of land, worth of Grapes of the same wine quality. Alternatively, the user can use Fine Grapes to have 2 bottles/5 square feet of Average wine, or 4 bottles of/ 5 square feet of Poor Wine. Average Grapes can be used to create 2 bottles/5square feet of Poor Wine.

Being Drunk:

While drunk, all penalties (and benefits, if the character has the Drunken Delights Feat) applying to the particular wine type apply to the character. Their movement is reduced by five squares unless they have the Drunken Mastery feat, and the effect lasts for [2+ Constitution mod] hours. After a full nights rest [or 3+Constitution Mod hours], the effects wear off, and the character becomes Hung-Over for [8-Constitution Mod] Hours.

Hung Over

While Hung Over, the character takes a –2 to all ability scores, a –8 on concentration checks and –2 to all attack rolls.

Drunken Delights:
Ability: A Constitution score of 12 or more.
Special: The character must have gotten drunk at least 10 times in the last year.
The character has developed a unique ability to utilize the effects of alcohol to their benefit.
Benefit: The benefits of drinking alcohol apply to the character, and the hangover time is reduced by two hours [This cannot make the length of a Hang-Over last less then one hour]
Normal: Only the penalties of drinking excess alcohol apply, and hangovers last up to eight hours

Drunken Mastery
Ability: A Constitution Score of 13 or more
Feat: Drunken Delights
Special: The character must have gotten drunk at least 100 times in the last year
The character has developed startling abilities to use alcohol, and turns into a superhuman while under its influence.
Benefit: No penalties associated to being drunk apply to the character, and while under the influence of alcohol, they also gain a +2 to all ability scores, +8 on all saves against fear, +4 on Will Saves, +2 on Fortitude and Reflex Saves. The hangover time is reduced by four hours [This cannot reduce the time spent Hung Over to less than half an hour], and they can move an extra five foot square while drunk. Also, all creatures that can see the character that have at least 5HD less must succeed on a will save [DC 20] or be shaken


Poor Wine [5sp, Bottle]:

This wine looks as though someone has added a few drops of blood to water. You suspect that it tastes extremely bad.

This wine leaves a dry, acrid taste in your mouth. You suspect it might have been made from squeezed rats, but then think that that would taste a little better.

When using average grapes, Poor Wine is created on a two to five on a Profession: (Wine-maker) check to make.

Drinking [two +constitution modifier bottles] of Poor Wine gives a –2 to all attack rolls and –4 to all ability scores except strength, and –8 on all skill checks

Characters with the Drunken Delights Feat, also gain the following

+1 to damage rolls

Average Wine [1gp, bottle]:

This wine looks decent and drink-worthy. It wouldn’t be left to age though, so nothing excellent should be expected.

This wine is pleasant enough, it leaves no after-taste in your mouth. An honest drink.

When using average grapes, Average wine is created on a 5 to 15 on a Profession [Wine-Making] check.

Drinking [Two +constitution modifier] bottles of average wine gives a, a –1 on attack rolls, and a –2 to all ability scores except strength

Characters with the Drunken Delights Feat, also gain the following bonuses

+2 on Saves versus Fear
+2 to damage rolls
+1 on Will Saves

Fine Wine [10gp, bottle]

This wine looks delectable, something a connoisseur would drink.

This wine tastes delicious, there are subtle undercurrents and hints of tastes that show that the wine-maker was a skilled craftsman. It leaves a lingering taste in your mouth, you have a sudden desire to drink more.

When using average grapes, Fine Wine is created on a 16-20 on a Profession [Wine-Making] check.

Drinking [Two +constitution modifier] bottles of Fine Wine gives a, a –1 on attack rolls, and a –2 to INT, WIS, and DEX

Characters with the Drunken Delights Feat, also gain the following bonus

+2 to damage rolls
+1 Charisma
+ 4 on Saves versus Fear
+2 on will saves, and the benefit of the Rogue Class Feature; Slippery Mind

Racial Wines:

Different races have wines that they enjoy and cultivate purely for themselves. You’re unlikely to find these at anywhere else than at their source. Replace the relevant bonus or penalty with the one listed when drinking the appropriate wine.

Human: Humans use average wine, no extra benefits.

Elven: Elvish wine revitalizes the mind, and usually drunk only by the discerning connoisseur. A favourite among younger men with cash to spare. However, it also is quite a weak wine, and would never be favoured among fighting classes.

All wines made in Elven distilleries give a +2 to INT, a +2 to CHA, a +2 on Will saves and a –2 to CON and WIS

This wine has a soft and delicate taste, subtle undercurrents and hints of Elvish delicacies caress your senses. You feel as if you understand the world a bit better now.

Dwarven: Dwarven wine is a strong, hearty drink that Dwarves drink when they can afford it over mead. A favourite among fighters. It’ll perk up your sword arm, sure enough, but don’t expect to contribute great intellectual conversation.

All wines made in a Dwarven distillery give a +2 to STR and CON, a –2 to INT and WIS, and a +2 on Fortitude Saves

This wine is extremely strong, it barrages your senses, and you begin to feel as though you can hear the war-chants of ancient warriors. You feel as though you could take on an army single-handed if you drank a keg of this.

Halfling: Halfing wines are a made to a secret recipe, but no doubt contains some substances usually out-lawed in conservative settlements and gathered by nervous Druids looking to make quick cash. Due, no doubt to the contents, subjects often feel slightly ill and have been known to make rash decisions, such as following that pink elephant over that cliff.

All wines made in a Halfling distillery give a +2 to DEX and CHA and a –2 to CON and WIS

This wine is quite pleasant tasting, you begin to feel bubbly and light after drinking it. The aftertaste lingers in your mouth, and you’re sure you saw something floating in there that conservatives shouldn’t be ingesting.


Half Orcs in Orc settlements do not make wine, those in human settlements make wine according to Human rules.


Half Elves in Elf settlements make wine according to Elf rules, those in human settlements make wine according to Human rules.


Gnomes are quite adept wine-makers, they can attempt to create human wines at no penalty, or emulate the wines of other races [Average or Poor only] at a –5 to their Profession [Winemaking] Check