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2007-08-27, 03:59 PM
Sometimes, a group of adventures will come across some pretty stupid stuff. A dragon with a monocle, tea drinking kobolds, an epic battle between redshirts and jedi that somehow ended up on the farplane.

In these situations, one must make a will save, to avoid laughing or crying uncontrollably as appropriate. If it's not entirely clear which is more appropriate, the player may choose.

If the observer of the stupid situation beats the DC by more than 5 they note that it is very stupid, but they somehow manage to get a grip.
If they equal or exceed the DC by up to 4, the stupidity is too much and the character is unable to do anything for a turn. They are treated as flatfooted.
If the character fails by up to 10, they break out into hysterical laughter or tears for 1d4 turns and are unable to do anything but. They also have a -2 AC circumstantial penalty
If the character fails by more than 10, the stupidity is just too great and their mind snaps. For the rest of the encounter the character either falls down onto the ground flailing their limbs laughing as loud as they can, or they curl up into a fetal position mumbling incoherently. Characters have a -4 AC penalty, and are treated as prone.

slightly stupid* | 5 | Ironic typo
kind of stupid* | 10 | Hiring orcs to move stuff, rat lich (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55087)**
stupid | 15 | Talking about ironic typo completely unaware it is an ironic typo, main stream media talking about computers
quite stupid | 20 | People make a deal with a man claiming to be a Nigerian Prince, hiring more than one Ninja
very stupid | 25 | Hiring an Ogre Sniper
awfully stupid | 30 | A fight between Ogre Snipers and more than one Ninja
excessively stupid | 35+ | A fight between Red Shirt Snipers and Storm Trooper Snipers

*Probably not worthy of a stupidity check
** Rat Lich is the awesome kind of stupid.

Note that generally most checks will be caused by the players. Sarcastic players may voluntarily make checks as a comment about the situation if the DM does not ask for one.

2007-08-28, 11:21 AM
This is not a mechanic that I would apply to a game of mine, although this thread did make for some good early morning reading.