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2007-08-29, 07:36 PM
also from my games in Tir Na Nog. The character is based on the help-full elfin-kinght of gaelic lore. I'm hopeing to make them playable as a player race.

Medium Fey
Hit Dice:
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class:
Base Attack/Grapple:
Full Attack:
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Alternate Form, Damage reduction, Fey Type, Immunity to Enchantment, Lowlight Vision, Prestidigitation, True Name & Rules, Unearthly grace,
Saves: Fort +, Ref +, Will +
Abilities: Str+2, Dex +2, Con -2, Int/, Wis, Cha +4
Environment: Realm of Summers Twilight, Any*
Organization: Solitary or parliament (10-1,000)
Challenge Rating:
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually (lawful) good
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +2
Esyllt speak Common, Elven, and Sylvan.

Alternate Form (SA)
The true form of an Esyllt is that of a magpie, though they take on the form of a handsome human male in an environment where magic is present. If dispel magic effect is present or if he enters a magic dead zone an Esyllt will, always revert to bird form. If someone speaks the true name of the Esyllt they may force him back into his natural form. The Esyllt may attempt to return to his human form with a cha check dc 15, if failed he may retry the next day.

Damage Reduction (SA)
Damage reduction/5 cold Iron

Fey Type
An Esyllt is vulnerable to spells and effects that work on creatures of the fey type but is immune to effects that target humanoids.

Immunity to Enchantment (SA)
Esyllt like all fey are immune to all Enchantment spells and effects

Lowlight Vision (EX)

Prestidigitation (SA)
Esyllt may cast Prestidigitation (as per the spell) at will.

True Name and Esyllt Rules (SA)
• All games are sacred, and cheaters may loose their freedom for up to seven years. If an Esyllt is caught cheating it is the equivalent of knowing their name.
• Gifting/Favours. Gifting is a sacred practice, unless it is expressly stated all gifts place the receiver in debt to the gifter until a gift of equal worth or a favour is discarged.
• Questions. If an Esyllt asks a question and receives an answer the answerer may ask a question of equal value back and the fey must answer.
• Names. If someone speaks the true name of the Esyllt they may force him back into his natural form. Someone who knows the true name of an Esyllt may give him a gease (this ignores the immunity to Enchantment). After discharging the gease the fey’s true name after that point has no more power over him and he must quest for a new name. The new name must be freely given, and the Esyllt may not ask for it.
• Manners. Etiquette is very important between Esyllt and other fey. Perceived impoliteness can find a Esyllt “gifted” with an asses ears or stutter or other such minor curse for seven days.

Esyllt gain a +2 to Spot, Search and Listen checks

Unearthly Grace (SA)
An Esyllt adds his Charisma modifier as a bonus on all his saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to his Armor Class.

Esyllt are a incredibly rare shape shifting fey native to the Realm of Summers Twilight, they often however can be found questing on the Prime material. Unlike most fey whose natural form is that of a demihuman, an Esyllt’s natural form is that resembling a magpie. Esyllt are exclusively male, and may mate with any humanoid. The Esyllt’s offspring will always manifest as Esyllt, looking like normal humans till they reach maturity when they will gain their full power.

In their home realm Esyllt gather in what they refer to as The Parliament, a semi rigid social structure of three houses. Though The Parliament has minor governing duties its main function is as a gathering place to feast, swap tales of adventure, riddles and engage in tournaments. The highest house is the House of Lords, filled by the governing elders. The other two houses are on equal grounds, the House of Knights, and the House of Rhymers. The House of Knights is made up of the warriors (primarily Paladins and Rangers) and the House of Rhymers (Primarily Bards and Sorcerers) is made up of magic users and bards. All Esyllt of the House of Knights take last name Esyllt, and those of the House of Rhymers take the title The Rhymer. Aka Cadobran Esyllt or Tamwen The Rhymer. Esyllt have very little to do with the Seelie/Un-Seelie court if the can help it. Though due to circumstances known to only a few, every seven years the Parliament must send seven young fey to serve at the Seelie court for seven years, this is not considered an honour but a duty. Esyllt also have an obligation of etiquette to all other Fey. The Parliament welcomes visitors of mortal races as long as they have a good story, new riddle or are willing to engage in a joust.

The Esyllt have a very ordered world view full of laws and rules for interaction between themselves and other beings. These rules always supplant the local laws, even for paladin Esyllt. Besides the following of rule of manners Esyllt generally have a disregard for the callous nature of other fey and will come to the aid of mortals being mistreated by fey. They maintain the appreciation for practical jokes and riddles of other fey, though with much less malice. If a mortal acts kindly to an Esyllt after a joke or riddle they will often be granted a boon of friendship. Even Esyllt paladins are known to have a light heart and sense of friendly humour.

Many Esyllt take to the planes as knights errant, seeing life outside of Twilight Summer as a chance to gather stories, riddles and friends. Knights errant will always bear the sign of the parliament (three interlocked gold rings on a green field) on a pennant, surcoat or shield. Due to the very rare nature of the Esyllt they often will often pass as human. The name Esyllt may ring bells to those versed in Faerie lore but only those deeply knowledgeable in the history of the fey will know anything about the Esyllt.

Knowledge Faerie
DC 25 recognize the name Esyllt is some how connected to the fey
DC 30 know that Esyllt are fey
DC 35 Know Specific details about the Esyllt/The Parliament