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2007-08-29, 10:04 PM
The Reality Shaper.
Drake gestured for the party to move forwards into the canyon, He counted as his teammates slipped past: Talden, Chara, Kraton, Bork… and then no one.
Drake sighed and gestured to Talden. “You take the others in and find some cover, I’ll get the dummy, he was with us five minutes ago, so he can’t be far.” The elf nodded and led the rest of the party inside as drake trudged up the hill, eventually spotting Milt laying in the grass staring up at the clowds.
“Milt, get up, were moving.”
“But that’s toracios.”
Drake knew better than to reason with Milt when he started making up words like that, simply grabbed his arm and pulled Milt into the canyon.
Reality Shapers are a strange form of spellcaster, Rather than using magic to cast spells, a reality shaper is able to affect reality itself, seemingly guided by no set rules or techniques. Reality shapers walk a fine line, for every time they use their abilities, there is a good chance that the effects may backfire in a variety of ways. Reality Shapers tend to be slightly crazy, prone to being distracted, occasionally supplementing their speech with gibberish, this is due to the fact that they tend to be barely anchored in reality themselves, and part of their mind is always taken up with keeping themselves stable.
Disclaimer: I don’t have any of the books, and even if I did I would probably be very bad at actually stating things out, most numbers here are just figures I came up with off the top of my head, if anything is missing, its because I don’t trust my somewhat skimpy knowledge of the ruleset to create it. This class is really a work in progress, and all help is greatly appreciated. Also welcome is other spells. But right now this class is mostly just concepts.
Mechanics of the Reality Shaper.
Spell Levels: I’ll refer to spell levels for lack of a better term, however in the context of the reality shaper they refer to how much a spell twists the nature of reality and logic. A reality shaper can cast spells until the sum of the levels for the spells they cast that day equal their charisma which point they begin to suffer from feedback, which I will explain later. And now, some spell ideas I had, along with some fluff.

Conjure Things! Level 1
Drake looked around, as the group moved through the canyon, holding up his hand when he saw Talden stop in his tracks and gaze intently at a spot on the canyon wall above them. With a lightning motion the elf knocked his bow and fired before jumping aside in time to avoid a falling hobgoblin corpse. Above them they could hear shouting.
“So much for stealth, EVERYBODY GET READY”.
A group of hobgoblins lowered ropes from one of the caves and began to slide down. Drake spun around and shouted “MILT DON’T!” but It was too late, Milt pointed at the Hobgoblins and a small popping sound was heard as a randomly shaped object colored an odd shade of green appeared over the head of one of the Hobgoblins, falling down and knocking him off the rope.
One of the earliest abilities manifested by a reality shaper, this ability can theoretically create anything that could possibly exist, however, with the very limited control that the Reality Shaper has over it, they always end up as irregularly shaped objects of random color. When this ability is cast, roll 1d6 against the following Table

The created object is dense and heavy, the reality shaper directs it to fall on the opponent dealing 1d6 damage.| Many small objects are created, non-flying or hovering creatures occupying the affected square gain a -1d6 penalty to reflex saves. If a six is rolled, they must make a reflex save to avoid falling down.| The object is a sticky goo, the affected creature is immobilized until they spend a move action to get themselves out of the goo.| The object takes the form of a gas, if the creature breathes, they must make a fort save to not spend their next round coughing.| The object is brittle and shatters as soon as it makes contact with the creature, the distracting noise caused by the shattering gives the affected creature a -2 penalty to all rolls made that round if appropriate| The object is too small for any discernable effect.[/table]
Alter Size, Level 2
Drake ducked under a blow from the Hobgoblin and stabbed forwards with his dagger, finishing off his assailant. A quick glance around saw that the party appeared to be holding their own, Chara muttered arcane incantations and blasted her foes with magic missiles, Talden used his bow to pick away at Hobgoblins rushing to join the fight, Krator muttered a prayer to heal Bork, who was swinging away happily with his greataxe. A glance behind him saw Milt staring at a rock on the ground as a Hobgoblin charged him from behind, a sword held over its head. Almost casually Milt raised his hand and with a popping sound the sword swelled too larger than Bork’s axe, causing the hobgoblin to topple over backwards due to the weight. With more pressing things on his mind, Drake returned his attention to the fight.

The reality shaper picks an appropriate non-sentient object and alters it’s size randomly. When this ability is cast roll a D4, on a 1 the item in question becomes Tiny, on a 2 it becomes small, on a 3 it becomes medium, on a 4 it becomes large. The object’s weight is modified appropriately. The effects last 1 round per CL/2. If the size change would cause the object to intersect something else, like for example, if a helmet is shrunk so much that it would crush the skull of the wearer, it will get shunted to some unoccupied space.

Snap, Level 3.
Drake turned too late, the hobgoblin had been swift and was swinging to take his arm off at the shoulder. Suddenly with a “Pop” the hobgoblin vanished, only to fall from the sky a few seconds later. Drake recognized the details of Milt’s craft and grinned, remembering why they kept the strange spell caster around.
The Reality shaper warps space to teleport an object a number of squares equal to their caster level in a random direction. When this spell is cast, roll 1d6 and apply the appropriate direction: 1= left, 2=right, 3=forwards, 4=backwards, 5=up 6=down. If something else already occupies the area the target would be sent to, the target instead appears in an open adjacent square. If none are available then reroll.
Twist: level 4

They were coming from everywhere, a group of the orange-skinned humanoids had reached ground level and rushed out of a nearby cave. They had gotten to Talden and Chara, who were engaging with their swords and staff respectively. Bork had taken heavy damage but that didn’t seem to slow the half-orc down, in fact he seemed to be almost enjoying himself. The party had formed sort of a circle, fighting back-to-back to avoid being flanked. The only separated member was Milt, who was engaging with his own sword, the threat of imminent death managing to get him to focus like nothing else could. Though Milt was attempting to make his way to the group a bulky hobgoblin in splint mail that far surpassed the leather and hide worn by most of the attackers. Drake knew that Milts chances of defeating the brute physically were almost nonexistent, but didn’t dare move to help for fear of allowing himself to be surrounded. Milt muttered something unpronounceable and the armored menace seemed to twist like a bowl of soup being stirred, and a horrible stretching sound was heard. The Hobgoblin fell down, blood leaking from the edges of his armor as Milt sprinted to join the group.
Twist is a powerful direct-damage dealing ability the reality shaper alters the nature of the target, twisting and stretching and generally changing the shape of various parts of it. This deals 1d6 per caster level/2.

Delete: Level 8

Drake allowed himself to catch his breath, the hobgoblins were pulling back. Chara Turned to look at the carnage surrounding them. “Did we win?”
Talden shook his head, “No, they aren’t retreating, it would be an insult if they attempted to assist their champion against opponents such as us.”
“Champion, what champion?”
The elf pointed “that one”.
Sure enough, striding through the crowd was a large humanoid sheathed from head to foot in thick armor and wielding a greatsword with ease. Hobgoblins scattered to get out of it’s way. Drake looked at the state of his party, all were wounded and tired, and he knew Chara and Krator couldn’t have many more spells available too them. Milt might be dry too, but it was impossible to tell.
The armored figure entered the open space around the huddling adventurers and spoke in a booming voice. “WHO DARES CHALLENGE THE WARCLAW CLAN? TELL ME YOUR NAMES NOW, AS YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO DO SO AFTER I KILL YOU!”
Drake ran through his options, retreat was impossible, he couldn’t count on them being able to beat him physically, and decided his best bet was negotiation, Drake sheathed his weapon and stepped forwards. “We are-“ but was cut off as Milt spoke, pointing a finger at the Champion.
“GRINWORTH!” and then a pop, and then the figure vanished. No flash, no smoke, just one moment it was there, and the next it wasn’t. It’s sword dropped to the ground as the Hobgoblins ran in fear and panic from the sight of their greatest fighter vanquished in this manner.
Delete is one of the most feared abilities of the reality shaper. The reality shaper imposes their will on the fabric of space and simply attempts to remove the target. The Target must make a will save in order to keep themselves from vanishing.


The entire party turned to stare at Milt, who seemingly oblivious to the events was using his sword to scrape hobgoblin blood off his shoe. Chara approached him, and spoke.
“Milt…how did you do that?”
“Oh, I just wanted him gone.”
“Drop the act Milt, you can’t just make somebody vanish by wanting it. And with no adverse effects! Things just don’t work that way!”
“I wanted it really hard, and besides, I’m –“ Milt was cut short as his body seemed to contort and stretch. The Reality Shaper doubled over and coughed up blood. The twisting subsided and he stood back up, covered with new wounds.
“I’m okay!” he declared before falling over. Drake turned to the party “Krator, do what you can for him, were heading back to town, Bork can carry him.”
Talden turned to make sure none of the Hobgoblins were returning, then looked ath the crumpled form of Milt. “What happened to him Drake?”
“It happens if he uses his talent too much too quickly, I sure don’t know what it is, but apparently it hurts like hell.”
Feedback is what happens when a reality shaper uses their abilities too much. Every time their abilities are used the reality making them up becomes more and more unstable, when the combined level of all spells cast that day by a reality shaper exceeds their charisma they will be effected by feedback. Originally it is 1d10 damage plus 2 for every level over their limit. Lets say Milt had a charisma of 14, when he cast delete, a level 8 spell, it pushed the total levels he had used that day to 15, so he took 1d10+2. If the reality shaper continues to use their spells, the damage from feedback doubles, if Milt cast Twist, a level 4 spell after suffering Feedback he would take (1d10+8)x2 damage. If he cast Twist again it would be (1d10+8)x4.
Any comments, stuff I missed due to my lack of book, new spells?