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Talenta Exemplar


“Put on the helmet, become one with the dinosaur. So it has always been with my people. So it is with me.” - Talenta Exemplar saying

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Race: Halfling
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Skills: Handle Animal 4 ranks, Ride 8 ranks
Feats: Dinosaur Wrangler; Mounted Combat; Talenta Warrior
Special: Region of origin Talenta Plains
Special: Must have a dinosaur as a special mount (as the paladin class feature) or animal companion (as the druid/ranger class ability).

Class Skills
The Talenta exemplar’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge [Geography, History, Local – Talenta Plains] (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).
Skill points at each level: 2 + Int modifier

Table - Talenta Exemplar
Base Attack[br]Bonus|

+0|+0|Dinosaur Companion; Expert Rider

+0|+1|Ride-by Attack

+1|+1|Heal Mount 1/day

+1|+2|Talenta Weapon Mastery

+1|+2|Spirited Charge

+2|+3|Heal Mount 2/day

+2|+3|Talenta Combat Prowess

+2|+4|Great Talenta Weapon Mastery

+3|+4|Heal Mount 3/day

+3|+5|Furious Assault [/table]

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Talenta exemplar is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as Talenta racial weapons. He is also proficient with light and medium armors and shields (except tower shields).

AC Bonus: A Talenta exemplar is a natural rider, and his bond with his dinosaur only strengthens his skills. While mounted on his dinosaur companion, he gains a Dodge bonus to AC as shown on Table 1.1 above. (Dodge bonuses, unlike other named bonuses, always stack.)

Dinosaur Companion: A Talenta exemplar forges a special bond with his mount, which serves as his steed, protector, and friend. He adds his class level to his effective druid or paladin level for determining his companion’s abilities.

Expert Rider: A Talenta exemplar is a true master of mounted combat, and may add his class level as a bonus to all Ride checks made while mounted on his dinosaur companion. At 5th level, he may take 10 on Ride checks while mounted on his dinosaur companion, even when rushed or distracted.

Ride-By Attack: At 2nd level, a Talenta exemplar gains the Ride-By Attack feat as a bonus feat, but it is only usable while mounted on his dinosaur companion.

Heal Mount: Through his devotion to his dinosaur mount, a Talenta exemplar gains the ability to heal his mounts wounds. This functions as the spell heal mount, but his caster level is equal to his class level. At 3rd level, he can heal his mount once per day. Every three levels after that, he may use this ability one more time per day (2/day at 6th level, and 3/day at 9th level).

Talenta Weapon Mastery: At 4th level, a Talenta exemplar gains new options when attacking with a racial weapon.

-Returning Boomerang: When a Talenta exemplar throws a Talenta boomerang, he may treat is as if it has the returning weapon property. This means that even if he succeeds on and attack against an enemy with the boomerang, it returns to him at the beginning of his next round.

-Devastating Sharrash: When a Talenta exemplar wields a Talenta sharrash, he increases the critical multiplier with that weapon from x2 to x3. This stacks with any other abilities that increase the critical multiplier.

-Tangat Defense: A Talenta exemplar may use a ready action to set a tangat against a charge, and deals double damage if he scores a hit against a charging character. He may use this ability either on foot or while mounted.

Spirited Charge: At 5th level, a Talenta exemplar gains the Spirited Charge feat as a bonus feat. He only gains the benefit of the feat while mounted on his animal companion.

Talenta Combat Prowess: At 7th level, a Talenta exemplar gains +2 bonus on attack and damage with any Talenta weapon (the Talenta boomerang, the Talenta sharrash, and the Talenta tangat).

Greater Talenta Weapon Mastery: At 8th level, a Talenta exemplar gains even more new options when wielding one of his racial weapons. These abilities are in addition to the options gained from the Talenta Weapon Mastery class feature.

-Boomerang Flurry: A Talenta exemplar is a master of using boomerangs. As a standard action, he may throw two boomerangs instead of one. These may be target different enemies, though they must not be more than 60 feet apart, and use separate attack rolls (though each with a -2 penalty). However, he must have two hands free in order to catch both boomerangs, should they both return to him (such as with the returning boomerang ability granted by the Talenta Weapon Master class feature).

-Slashing Sharrash: Whenever a Talenta exemplar wielding a sharrash while mounted deals a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), he gets an immediate, extra melee attack against another creature within reach. He may have his mount take a 5-foot step before making this extra attack (as long as the mount has not already taken any sort of move during the round). The extra attack is with the same weapon and at the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous creature.

-Driving Tangat: When used by a Talenta exemplar from the back of a charging dinosaur mount, a Talenta tangat deals double damage (as a lance). Any feat or ability that allows extra damage or increases damage from using a lance while charging (such as from the Spirited Charge feat) now also applies to the Talenta tangat.

Furious Assault: At 10th level, whenever a Talenta exemplar mounted on his dinosaur companion makes a charge or ride-by attack, the rider may take a full-attack action at the end of the charge (or in the middle of the ride-by attack). The bonus from the Spirited Charge feat and any other bonuses related to charging apply. At the end of the rider’s full attack, his mount may make a free trip attempt against the opponent attack by it’s rider. This follows normal rules for a trip attempts, but does not provoke attacks of opportunity and the opponent does not get a trip attempt if the mount fails.