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2007-08-30, 02:25 PM
Ive been holding onto an idea for a while now that I got from Neverwinter nights, A magical item you get is a song written by so and so who is a lich bard, because of his mournful music he became famous and was hired by the rich and powerful to play at funerals and such, the "Lyrics of the Lich." were his masterpeice creation, that at the end of the song, often killed the entire audience with an effect much like Horrid Wilting.

So I started thinking about a few Necromancy spells/ Magic items/ Bard spells synergys, converting spells such as Ennervation into say... "Sorrow of the soul." type song which occurs the same/similar effect.

Well, Ive been meaning to get around to start thinking..

And I just got lazy so would any members of the homebrew playground like to have a crack at a evil-bard-song? :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-30, 03:18 PM
Hmm... replace Cure x with Inflict x in the spell list, prerequsite of Evil alignmentmost likely...

Bard gains full access to the Necromancy school? He can blow song-uses (which stack with Bard for song uses per day) to do nasty necro-like things (read my Fel Lyricist post which is a Warlock/Bard PrC with distinctly evil leanings, Fear, Slow, morale penalties, confusion...).