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2007-09-02, 10:14 AM
Well, this might not be the right forum for this, but I have an amusing delimna.

I have a character concept for a story I'm attempting to right, but the first name I thought up was Orwell Fawkes. I thought it over, but I still can't decide if I should use it or not.

Is it too balantly symbolic or ironic? Or is it fine?

On another note, has anyone here heard of incredibly ironic names?

Thank you in advance.

2007-09-02, 10:18 AM
It's pretty obvious where the name comes from, but then George himself was pretty transparent with stuff like 'Napoleon' and 'Squealer.". Depending (of course) on the themes and style of yours story, I can see how 'Orwell Fawlkes' would work nicely.

2007-09-02, 11:17 AM
Well, I'm making a scientist-type protaganist, who loves things changing, but who hates change without a reason (such as people who are anarchists, or who hate order and the government for no reason other then it's the government)

Does that make any sense? Oh yes, and he'll be a bit... unbalanced.. (I.E., he constantly conducts cybernetic and genetic experiments on his own body, because for some reason, he hates it. Perhaps he has several health problems?)