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2018-05-08, 03:28 PM
In my campaign group (we play D&D 5e), we generally throw around a lot of homebrew, and while we try to keep it reasonably balanced, it's always a few steps above normal content. We know this. That being said, in a campaign we're brewing up, I dropped the idea of playing a mutant (witcher-style, sort of) version of a race that, in essence, is the Goliath race if they were vikings instead of grey and bald.

The idea for the mutant was the ability to transform when Barbarian raging into this pseudo-werebear form, and I have those stats below. The DM tossed out those abilities as a starter, but wanted me to make a second mutation for the character, and potentially a third. Thus far, the abilities being gated behind Rage and becoming an target of witch hunters are meant to keep things under control, but the only ideas I've had for secondary mutations haven't been very appealing. I've been toying with the idea of splitting the abilities up into "aspects" to access one at a time when out of rage, but I'm not very happy with that. I've also been toying with the idea of some sort of weak regeneration (fast healing 1), or poison/disease immunity, but I haven't been in love with anything. I want something thematic, but not blatantly overpowering, and as a bear totem barbarian I don't think I need to keep focusing on durability, lest I outpace the party so quickly that they die instantly to hits meant for me. Instead, I want something that speaks to the idea that the character is indeed something of a werebear, or has some sort of mutant anatomy.

Str +2, Con +1, Cha -3
Monstrous Rage:
While raging, your unarmed attacks deal 1d8 + Strength mod slashing damage from claws and 1d10 + Strength mod piercing damage from bites.
The scaling rage damage doubles for a cap of +8 instead of +4.
You gain keen smell, +1 AC, +1 Con, and +1 Str.
You increase in size class by one step.

One additional mutation

A third mutation or Powerful Build.

If you have any ideas for additional mutations strike you when reading this, I'd love to hear them! Even if I don't directly use the ability, it just might spark something in me.

2018-05-08, 03:34 PM
The Alchemist class made by DawnforgedCast has an archetype called Metamorph. It's basically someone who seems to be enjoying the enhancing potions a wee bit much and is starting to experience some lingering side effects. If you're not deadset on Barbarian, then you may want to have a gander at that class.

2018-05-08, 05:03 PM
The alchemist class is pretty interesting. I likely won't use it, but after a quick readthrough, I might be able to figure out an ability based on the class features when I delve back into it. Thanks for the suggestion!