View Full Version : Plague in Baldur's Gate ended when...?

The Professor
2007-09-04, 10:04 PM
The FRCS says that in 1345 DR "plague claims many in sword coast port cities south of Baldur's Gate."

And in 1351, it says: "...plague in Baldur's Gate."

So when did it end? Does anyone know where to get the details for this? What was the impact it had on the areas where the plague hit?

I ask because a player in an upcoming campaign has a character native to the region, so she wants to know how this would have affected her character.

Thanks in advance!

2007-09-04, 10:38 PM
It could be refering to multiple outbreaks. Historically, while some outbreaks could last for years, others were quite short. Plauges were not a single occurance, and Europe experienced period plauge infestations every few years or so for centuries.