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2007-09-06, 02:27 AM
Sorry to crash a forum full of expertise... but my roommates requested my participation in an RPG game. [small voice] Help?
This being my first time, I find the whole thing to be about as amazing, difficult, exciting and abominable as quantum mechanics. Do any of you remember first starting out - how you sorted through the complexicatedly massive mass of information to mold a misshapen persona to be proud of? The sharing of any helpful online resources/recommendations would be appreciated.
I'd like to play an acrobatic character that can use a sword and magic - or at least have two out of three o' those. Any class/race recommendations? Too bad Dashing Swordsman isn't a "real" class. ^^ How to choose skills, feats, etc. I shall learn in due time, I suppose, though if anyone has any particularly helpful general advice, 'twould be much appreciated.
Thanks for letting me intrude,

2007-09-06, 02:33 AM
Well, this is the Homebrew Forum, so you might want to look for a character build forum, a min/maxing forum, or a newcomer's forum for how to build a good character using the standard rules. Here, we come up with new d20 systems, new rules, alternate rules, alternate classes, alternate character options, our own self-made feats, skills, prestige classes - if your teammates all want to play the same game, a lot of this stuff might be a little too different.

2007-09-06, 02:37 AM
Well it depends on the degrees of sword-and magic. The assassin has spellcasting abilities, but if you're looking into fireballs and such, it won't do.

Erm, there are some pretty good gish builds around here, but they're fairly complex and require quite a few splatbooks. (gish=fighter/spellcaster)

If your DM allows Psionics, you could go for a Psion (Telepaths are best, IMO), then PrC into Illithid Slayer. Or for a more martially oriented Character, Psychic Warrior/Illithid Slayer.

2007-09-06, 04:50 AM
Take a bard, acrobatics, fighting and magic! It's all there.

2007-09-06, 05:12 AM
To use those effectively, you'll need the following:

Acrobatics: good understanding of skills mechanics and combat mechanics.

Fighting: good understanding of combat mechanics

Spellcasting: good understanding of magic system (complicated...)

If you don't want to learn too much to start with, I'd say ditch the third option (because spellcasters are much more powerful in the hands of an experienced player) and focus on the first two. From the Core rules, that would mean a Rogue, Fighter/Rogue, or Monk; if the Completes are allowed, then Swashbuckler, maybe. (There's probably something more effective in Tome of Battle, but that might be harder to get to grips with as a new player.) However, the idea of a Bard if you want to try everything is a good one as well, particularly if you like the idea of being the party's Face.

Overall, I'd recommend either Bard or Monk, since you'll be a handy supporting presence in many situations without bumping anyone else out of a role that some more experienced players might resent a newbie being ineffective in.

2007-09-06, 10:36 AM
Take a bard, acrobatics, fighting and magic! It's all there.

I agree here. Go bard or rogue/sorcerer. Neither is optimal but both are pretty good for a first character and will let you get a handle on the core mechanics before you get drowned in other stuff. Beguiler/rogue or bouncy Duskblade is also an option if Phb II is allowed.