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2018-06-29, 04:03 PM
I知 crafting a custom setting for use in most if not all of my future campaigns. To do this I知 outright stealing taking heavy inspiration from several sources. For the general setting map, I知 using Westeros from Game of Thrones, and inserting every D&D race into every nook and cranny available. I already discussed Dorne a bit in a previous post in the 5e forum and will return to it soon, but last night inspiration struck me like a bolt of lightning (you値l see the pun soon) and I had to get this down first. So for your amusement and in hopes of your aid to flesh this raw idea out into a full fledge campaign setting, I give you...

The Vale

Known as the Kingdom Underhill, this vast mountain range is ruled by a coalition of vertically challenged races known as the Deep Council which at all times consists of one Dwarf, Gnome and Halfling.

The dwarves form the backbone of the kingdom, providing labor and soldiers of the highest caliber. The most famous of these are the Storm Knights, equipped with the finest cutting edge magiteck arms of war.

The gnomes are the brains of the kingdom, having pioneered the science of Stormsmithing and inventing the first synthetic life forms, the Warforged.

The halflings are the face of the kingdom, serving as ambassadors and tradesmen, as well as reliable farmers and the finest Trenchers in the land.

The Warforged are a young race, having only recently gained true sapience. First invented to be servitors, many among them now campaign for a place on the Deep Council.

This portion of my setting is directly stolen from inspired by the Warmachine faction known as Cygnar.

Storm Knights are essentially Fighters with training in special equipment. Should a player wish to become one, they would have to earn the privilege to spend downtime training in the gear痴 use under the tutelage of a full Storm Knight.

Stormsmiths are probably going to be an Artificer or Wizard subclass.

Trenchers will be a Fighter subclass that either grants or requires as prerequisite the Crossbow Master feat.

Long Gunners will be the Rogue variant of the Trencher subclass.

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages will either be an Artificer subclass or a combination of Wizards and Sorcerers so that the Gnomes and Halflings can have a friendly rivalry within the Order.

Captain Maxwell Finn will be the most badass Halfling you have ever seen!

And of course there will be Large and Huge size Warforged to serve as Warjacks.

At this point I知 not certain if I want guns to be a common thing in this setting, or just refluff it all as magic and repeater crossbows/bowguns ala Monster Hunter.

Thoughts, suggestions and home brewed (sub)classes are greatly appreciated!