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2018-07-20, 06:31 AM
I've been struggling with this character concept for quite a while. It's simple, really: A swashbuckler duelist with "Mystic" psionic powers. Now, without an actual mystic class in AL, I've had to settle for arcane magic that mirrors psychic power: Dissonant whispers, Phantasmal force, Detect Thoughts, Shield, etc. Bards and Great Old One Warlocks have exactly what I need, both in terms of spells and potential for gish combat. Unfortunately, I can't seem to optimize my character, or even get it off the ground. It's such a MAD gish. College of Swords Bard comes close, but it seems weaker on the melee side. Great Old One Bladelock is lacking in spells AND melee staying power. I tried infusing both builds with some fighter and rogue, but that just spread the power too thin.

My trouble might come from how strict my requirements are. The character MUST be human, wear light armor and use a rapier, no shield, and have the Noble/Knight or Knight of the Order background (background is optional). I would also prefer if the character could be a plausible gish by level 5. I fear I may just be too picky, and my perfect build is just not out there.

So far each build I come up with by level 5 has 38 HP, AC of a measly 15, illusion enchantment and divination spells, 8-10 STR, 16 DEX, 14 CON, 10 INT, 10-12 WIS, and 16 CHA. Not a stat at 18, see my problem?

Any ideas?

As a side note, I'm most partial to Warlock of the Great Old One. It fits his backstory perfectly and gives him telepathy and psychic-themed powers later on.

2018-07-20, 08:17 AM
Are you looking for a homebrew? Otherwise, this appears to be the wrong forum: you'd want the 5e forum.

2018-07-20, 09:13 AM
vHuman Bladelock with Defensive Duelist or Tough for some extra melee staying power? Taking Armor of Shadows will help your defense too. That could get you to 18 Dex/14 Con/16 Cha by level 5, which would be a pretty good distribution. 17 AC and either 48 HP (plus Armor of Agathys) or 38 HP and +3 AC as a reaction.

2018-07-20, 10:33 AM
Yeah, this isn't the location for AL playstyles. If you're looking for some homebrew, I'd suggest checking out Middle Finger Of Vecna (http://mfov.magehandpress.com/) for a nice collection of decently balanced 'brew.

There are a couple things you can do to view that concept:

Arcane Trickster Rogues will Give you most of what you want. Telekinesis via invisible Mage Hand, sneak attacking with Rapiers, and light spellcasting. Add a single level of sorcerer in there for more cantrips, Mage Armor and the Catapult spell. It'll get better if the DM allows you to choose any spell school, and as you level up you can go up to sorcerer 3 to upgrade your spells with Subtle Spell.

If allowed to be a human and not an elf, using a refluffed Bladesinger wizard would fit the bill, provided you move the 16 from Cha to Int. You'd be a gish that mixes in spells and attacks, with an AC of 18 in light armor (12+ Dex + Int) while in the bladesong/stance/style (whatever your refluff), or 19 with

Going GOO Chainlock instead of blade pact gives you an invisible creature that not only gives you advantage on demand, but also (with Voice of the Chain master) gives you faux-telekinesis at Warlock level 3. You can either do the Mage armor route, as above, which would give you 16 armor now, with a cap of 18 at 20 dex (1 less AC across the board if you go light armor instead of mage armor). Your other 2 levels could be

Another level in Warlock for the ASI & additional spell known, and a single level in fighter.
Fighter for the dueling fighting style, Action Surge & second Wind (with possible martial archetype down the road)
Rogue for sneak attacks, Cunning Actions and Expertise
War Wizard for +AC as a reaction that doesn't require a feat, and more spells/cantrips (You'd have to put the 12 currently in Wis into Int instead, then pick either Human or Variant Human to bump the Int to 13).

2018-07-26, 02:19 AM
Ooh, sorry for possibly posting in the wrong forum. It's my first time using this website. I don't even know if I'm replying correctly...

Thanks for all the feedback so far, too!

2018-07-26, 02:36 PM
Have you thought about an Oath of Vengeance Paladin multiclassed with a Great Old One Warlock?

2018-07-26, 04:44 PM
If you are trying to homebrew something together, you could consider looking at some of the features the Duergar Soulblades. They are almost literally psychic swordsmen. Not really relevant if you aren't looking for homebrew, but food for thought.