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2007-09-12, 02:00 AM
My warmage character for a circus campaign, all the characters join a plane-hopping circus (the whirling gyre), and do various acts, gaining XP based almost entirely on roleplaying. Anyway, this is his background... what say you, playground? And yes, the moderate sarcasm below, as well as the silliness, is completely intended.

They were after him.


It wasn't as if he did anything to deserve being chased. Just lit a few buildings on fire, that's all. It wasn't as if someone was inside, he'd made sure of it, just a few burned houses. After all, couldn't you just build new ones? And the fires, the fires were so pretty...

Whatever might have been fair, not for the first time, he was captured. The judge dismissed the court almost as soon as Dan's name was mentioned, and he was thrown into a stone cell.

Stone walls, stone cell, horrid meals, a hard, wooden bed, the afternoon sun filtering in through the grates that some would call a window.

Time to get out of this dump.

With his customary subtlety, Dan converted a large section of stone wall into a smoking crater, stepping smartly out of the Lady's Justice prison, Sigil.

A few days later, he came upon a poster, advertising the last performance of the whirling gyre circus. To Dan, it was a dream come true. he had always wished that he could go to a circus. This was his greatest chance, and coupled with it, his greatest opportunity. If he joined the Whirling Gyre (something which took almost no effort), not only would he would no longer be hunted by the police (he, with his customary common sense, failed to take into account how obvious he would be), but he could actually be paid to make use of his talent. Two days later, Dan joined the Whirling Gyre.

True to his all-seeing wisdom, he never even thought to change his name.