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2007-09-12, 02:07 AM
Mordainian fleshweaver

prerequisites: Able to cast transmutation and necromancy spells of atleast 3rd level, non-good alignment, atleast six ranks each in heal, spellcraft and knowledge: arcane.
special: must have been passed the test given by another fleshweaver, and recieved one month's training from them. (the test is assumed to be an automatic pass if the character meets the prereqs).

It’s ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!-an unknown mordainian fleshweaver, roughly five seconds before he wasn't.

There are those who fear them, there are those who distrust them, and there are those who would serve them. These are the mordainian fleshweavers, those who have blended the arts of necromancy and transmutation into a harmonious whole. The tradition began long ago, with the life-long study of a necromancer by the name of Mordain who sought to further his power by surgically attaching dead body parts from monsters, gaining their strengths. Though he took care to keep his secrets, his apprentice betrayed him, and his rivals had soon destroyed the great necromancer, fearing his power. Yet his studies have survived, and the art now lives on in the minds of many arcanists across the world.

When a promising candidate makes theirselves known, a master fleshweaver will visit them secretly, and take them to a remote location to test their skills. Those that pass the test are given status as a full-fledged fleshweaver, as well as all the teaching they may require. Those that fail...well, we don't talk about those, do we now?

Mordainian fleshweaver - class features

Hit dice: d4
Class skills:Alchemy, concentration, craft, heal, knowledge, profession, scry, speak language, spellcraft.
Skill points: (2+int mod) per level

Mordainian Fleshweaver
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Natural Attack 1d4|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Natural Armour+1, Graft 1|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Natural Attack 1d6, Remove Graft|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+4|Natural Armour +2, Graft 2|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+4|Natural Attack 1d8, Madness? Medicine!||

+5|Natural Armour+3, Graft 3|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+5|Natural Attack 1d10, Flip The Third Switch, Igor!|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+6|Natural Armour +4, Graft 4||

+6|Natural Attack 1d12|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+7|Natural Armour +5, Graft 5, The Miracle Of Medicine|+1 level of existing spellcasting class [/table]

Natural attack: By spending a day operating on themselves or another, the fleshweaver may grant a natural attack that does the listed damage (a claw attack, generally) or adding that much damage if the target is a monk or already has a natural attack. A creature that gains a natural attack in this way cannot gain natural armour or the miracle of medicine. If the fleshweaver gains another rank of natural attack after the surgery, they may spend another day to “upgrade” the attack.

Natural armour; Identical to natural attack, except that it grants natural armour instead.

Graft:This ability may be used to create fleshweaver grafts, as shown below. Only the fleshweaver may use these, and each one imposes a cumulative -2 penalty to charisma. The fleshweaver may have an amount of grafts equal to half their fleshweaver level (round down).

remove graft; through a 3-day surgery costing 200 xp and 1000 gold, the fleshweaver may remove one graft of their choice, freeing up space for another.

Madness? Medicine!: At 5th level, the fleshweaver gains a stitched flesh familiar (as per dread necromancer) that advances using their highest caster level.

Flip the third switch, Igor!: At 7th level, the fleshweaver's mastery over their art becomes so great that you may halve your XP and gold cost for crafting flesh golems.

The Miracle of Medicine: At 10th level, the fleshweaver reaches the pinnacle of their art, gaining the ability to, through a one day surgery, grant the pseudonatural template (complete arcane). Any non-fleshweaver who already possesses natural attack or armour may not gain this template through this method. The subject of a surgery will gain the template as +1 LA, while the fleshweaver gains it without an LA upon attaining level 10.

2007-09-12, 02:09 AM

Grafts require a heal check, xp equal to the heal check required, and one day per ten DC to craft, plus the same amount of time to attach. If the crafting fails, the time and experience points are wasted.

Zombie arms (15)

This graft bestows the unnatural strength of the zombie upon the user, granting +2 strength.

Wight arms (17)

An upgrade to the zombie arms, wight arms grant an equal strength bonus, as well as the ability to make a touch attack once per day. If the attack succeeds, the target gains one negative level.

Wings of darkness (20)

Taken from the skeleton of a giant bat and stitched with threads of negative energy, these wings grant the user a fly speed of 30 ft. (average) and the ability to cast darkness at caster level 7 once per day.

Beholder eye stalk (26)

Taken from the head of a beholder and stitched on, these eyestalks grant the user a beholder eye ray of their choice (chosen at the time of crafting) as a supernatural ability once per day. You may have more than one Beholder eyestalk graft, and each eyestalk grants a +2 bonus to spot checks.

Bodak eyes (25)

The Eyes Of A Bodak Kill, And With These, So Will Yours! ™ These eyes grant the user a gaze attack as a bodak as a supernatural ability once per day.

Illithid brain (22)

Even among those who practice grafts, one who replaces their mind with that of an illithid is considered quite spectacularly mad. The graft grants the user +4 intelligence and the ability to use Mind blast as a mind flayer once per day, but reduces their wisdom by 2 (in addition to the usual charisma loss).

heart of the elements (26)

By replacing their own heart with that of an elemental of their choice, the fleshweaver gains several benefits, according to the elemental chosen.

Fire; resistance to fire 5, dexterity+2, scorching ray (at the highest caster level the character has) 2/day, and the elemental substitution (fire) feat.

water; resistance to cold 5, strength +2, permanent water breathing and a +10 to all swim checks.

air; resistance to electricity 5, dexterity +2, and fly and lightning bolt once each per day (at the character’s highest caster level).

earth; resistance to acid 5, strength +2 and damage reduction 5/-.

Ghoul fingers (19)

Taken from the hand of a ghoul to replace the fleshweaver’s own fingers, these fingers allow the use of the paralysis ability (as ghoul, does not affect elves) twice per day.

Choker speed gland (23)

The source of a choker’s unnatural speed, this hastes the user for 15 rounds per day (they need not be consecutive), but also bestows a -2 wisdom penalty in addition to the usual charisma penalty.

Shocker lizard horns (20)

These horns, when grafted onto the fleshweaver’s head, allow them to use a stunning shock at will(as shocker lizard). If they possess more than one of this graft, they may use lethal shocks as though there were a number of lizards equal to the number of shocker lizard horn grafts they possess. A fleshweaver with this graft may also cooperate with nearby friendly shocker lizards to produce lethal shocks.

Gelatinous cube plasm (21)

This graft replaces one of the fleshweaver’s limbs with plasm from a gelatinous cube, granting resistance to acid 10 per limb (becomes immunity after the third) and granting a slam attack dealing 1d6 acid damage.

Breath of the hell hound (19)

This graft allows the user to breath a 10’ line of fire at will, dealing 5d6 fire damage.

Rust monster feeler (21)

Attached to the head or back of the hand, each feeler (max 3) allows you to cast rusting grasp at your highest caster level once per day.

hand of shadow (24)

Taken through arcane rituals from the corpse of a shadow, this hand allows the fleshweaver to make two incorporeal touch attacks per day per hand, each draining (not ability damage) 1d6 strength.

Eyes of the basilisk (25)

Eyes taken from a dead basilisk to replace the fleshweaver’s own, these eyes grant a gaze attack usable once per day, mimicking the effect of the Flesh to stone spell at the fleshweaver’s highest caster level.

Touch of the ravid (24)

The aura of positive energy of a ravid, stolen through a long ritual, grants the wielder of such power the ability to cast animate objects once per day and cure moderate wounds 3 times per day at their highest caster level.

Essence of the salamander (26)

The flames that course through a salamander’s body, placed in the fleshweaver’s own blood, grant them the fire subtype, Burning hands at their highest caster level twice per day, and a +4 racial bonus on craft (blacksmithing) checks.

heart of the troll (26)

Replacing the fleshweaver’s heart with that of a troll, this graft grants them fast healing 5 as they are imbued with the incredible healing powers that trolls possess.

hand of the wraith (23)

As hand of the shadow, but may only be used once per day per hand, and drains 1d6 constitution.

Digester acid gland (23)

This graft allows the fleshweaver to breath out either a 10’ line of acid dealing 8d6 acid damage or a 30’ cone dealing 4d6 acid damage 3 times per day.

Chuul mandibles (24)

This graft gives the fleshweaver a bite attack dealing damage appropriate to their size, and a paralysis effect in addition to the bite once per day (as chuuls, DC based on constitution).

Chuul pincer (22)

A Chuul pincer graft replaces one of the fleshweaver’s hands, giving them a -4 penalty to all fine manipulation using the new pincer. It also grants them a claw attack that does damage as though they were one size larger, and grants them the improved grab and squeeze (as chuul) abilities with that claw.

Voice of the destrachan (25)

This graft replaces the fleshweaver’s lungs and voice box with those of a destrachan, altering their voice quite significantly and granting them the ability to use the Destructive harmonics ability (as destrachan) as a supernatural ability three times per day (DC is con-based).

Maw of the tyrannosaurus (20)

By fusing the skeletal structure of the tyrannosaurus’s jaw with their own, the fleshweaver gains a bite attack dealing damage as though they were 3 size categories larger than their actual size.

Delver mucus gland (26)

By implanting this gland, the fleshweaver gains the ability to use the delver’s corrosive slime ability for 5 rounds per day, these rounds need not be consecutive, and the slime does not harm the fleshweaver’s equipment if they do not wish it.

Roper strands (24)

The fleshweaver gains one strand attack (as a roper) per roper strand graft, as well as the attach ability, and the ability to deal 1d10 temporary strength damage to a stuck creature twice per day.

Giant scorpion stinger (22)

This stinger grants the fleshweaver a sting attack as a scorpion one size larget than them, and may be filled with a poison of their choice without a chance of poisoning themselves. In the absence of any poison, the sting can still deal 1d6 strength damage 3 times per day.

Vrock spores (24)

Perhaps one of the vilest grafts, this graft involves implanting spores from a vrock’s body into the fleshweaver’s skin. 3 times per day, they may release the spores into th area around them (as vrock’s spore ability).

Wings of the abyss (26)

Taken from the body of a nightwing and stitched together with the stuff of nightmares, wings of the abyss are a fearsome graft indeed. They grant the fleshweaver a fly speed of 40ft. (perfect), and the ability to cast darkness, fear and enervation once each per day at their highest caster level. Unfortunately, such close proximity to the nightmarish substance that composes the wings also gives the fleshweaver a -2 penalty to wisdom.

2007-09-12, 02:33 AM
That's... quite a list of grafts. I spy Fiend Folio, Eberron, Libris Mortis (<3), and... some Arms and Equipment Guide alchemical items adapted as attachable body parts? Bizarre.

2007-09-12, 03:41 AM
hey, it's the main focus of the PrC, I might as well make it big, right? Also, I don't own any of those books, blame it on coincidence.

The Neoclassic
2007-09-12, 11:35 AM
Awesome... I really want to use something like this in my setting now. One question- why allow neutral alignments? This is pretty intense necromancy; I'm not sure I could see a non-evil character doing this.

Extremely specialized, but extremely unique as well. This is one of my favorite parts of your setting (which says a lot).

2007-09-12, 05:08 PM
Not actually setting-specific, although the necro's guild would have some of these. Also, necromancy isn't evil, remember? Depends on how you use it... Besides, they may be messing themselves and a few willing subjects up, but they're not necessarily doing anything evil with it.

2007-09-12, 07:52 PM
id definitely say this is evil, but damn, is it cool. i might actually put one of these into my campaign... maybe. also, shouldnt they get a minimum that their Cha can go down to?

2007-09-12, 09:32 PM
Glad you like it. As for the minimum, it can't go below 1, because then they go into a coma. Beyond that? Sky's the limit, but in reverse.:smalltongue:

2007-09-13, 03:49 AM
Just remembered - there's a limit on the number of grafts in any case, so it's really not such an issue.

Also, I replaced the old, icky, bad table with a new, shinier one, enjoy! (Infinite and repeated thanks to Fax_Celestis for making the copy/pastable tables in the homebrew guide).

Sir Conkey
2007-09-15, 02:56 PM
I can see a non-evil character taking this PrC, like my sorceror, not really evil but just a creepy demon-elf. I like the idea of multiple shocker lizard horns

2007-09-16, 04:44 AM
Seems you made this one during the 3.0 timeframe : :smallsmile:
- Alchemy is now Craft(Alchemy)
- Scry doesn't exist anymore

Also, may I assume you're aware of the Fleshwarper PrC in Lords of Madness ? It is somewhat similar.

2007-09-16, 04:49 AM
Seems you made this one during the 3.0 timeframe : :smallsmile:
- Alchemy is now Craft(Alchemy)
- Scry doesn't exist anymore

Also, may I assume you're aware of the Fleshwarper PrC in Lords of Madness ? It is somewhat similar.

Silly me, better fix that. And yes, while I've heard of it, I never even saw a copy of LoM, much less own one.

2007-09-16, 04:39 PM
I like it. A lot. It feels dark, Lovecraftian, flavorful; other than using 3.0 skills I can't see anything I would change. Quite an in-depth list of grafts. Nice job, cog.