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2018-08-07, 10:59 AM
The following homebrew (house rule really) is based on the Playtest of Pathfinder 2E. As the game progresses, this may be changed based on adjustments in the game system. Most of my attempts at brews in this window will generally be less detail oriented, falling mostly into the realm of house rules, minimizing what may ned to be done by time of the proper full release of Pathfinder 2E. Thank you.

Optional Rule: Same Class, Different Spells
Within Pathfinder 2nd Edition, there are only four kinds of spells and four spell lists: Arcane, Divine, Occult, and Primal. Every class that casts spells, gets access to one of these with one exception: The Sorcerer. Sorcerers are allowed to select any of these, but that depends upon their bloodline. By that merit, each of these lists could be considered to be roughly equivalent to one another, thus lending itself to an idea. What if we let people change what list they are using? A bard could instead be a cantor or a wizard be an archivist, casting divine spells drawn from the divine spell list. A cleric could draw from the occult, thematically calling them a medium or a binder. A druid who draws from the arcane could draw from ley lines, and be called then a.. Ley walker? So on, and so forth. While not all combinations should necessarily be permitted, like someone who knows their entire list off the bat using arcane spells, these can be limited in one of two ways: Don't allow them, or make it so they have to learn and store their spells like a wizard has to.

What about Powers?
And what about classes that don't provide spells in the traditional sense, but offer abilities that are counted as one of the four? Generally speaking you could change these up in some manner. Barbarians who are associated with the dragon totem could adhere to occult dragons, meaning their abilities would be better suited to being treated as occult. Paladins could be sworn to protect nature as well as the innocent, and their powers take on a primal aspect to them.

So what combination would you consider trying, and what spin would you put on them? What ones would need limitations? This answer may change when the game is out of playtest.