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2018-08-14, 04:23 PM
Hit Dice: 1d8
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8+Con Mod
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5)+Con Mod

Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons and Mindstars
Tools: Alchemy supplies

Saving Throws: Wisdom and Charisma
Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Arcana, History, Nature, Religion, Animal Handling, Medicine, Survival, Deception, and Intimidation.

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
-Two Mindstars
-Leather Armor and a Dagger
-Any one pack


Proficiency Bonus
Orisons Known
Spell Slots
Slot Level

Archetype, Wilder "Magic"

Oozing Nature


Ability Score Improvement


Archetype Feature, Improved Oozing Nature

Extra Attack

Improved Antimagic

Ability Score Improvement

Archetype Feature

Advanced Mindstar Techniques

Master Of Wilding (6th Level), Greater Oozing Nature

Ability Score Improvement

Master Of Wilding (7th Level)

Archetype Feature

Master Of Wilding (8th Level)

Ability Score Improvement

Master Of Wilding (9th Level)

Archetype Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Ooze Eternal

Archetype-At level one, choose your focus from Moss and Slime.

Wilder "Magic"-At level one, you gain Wisdom-based casting as a Warlock does, with the exception that you know all your spells, and prepare a number equal to your level in Oozemancer plus your Wisdom modifier. However, despite working in many similar ways to magic, Wilding is inherently inimical to magic, as magic is to it. As such, the vast majority of Oozemancers will never take levels in anything that provides magic, nor use magic items.

Note that this is default fluff-nothing mechanically changes if you decide Oozemancers simply use a variety of alchemical magics to perform their feats. Likewise, I'm not putting any multiclassing restrictions on this class-a DM is free to do so, if they like the original fluff, but eh, their call.

Oozing Nature-At level two, your body begins to morph and change into more like that of an ooze. At the level this is gained, this makes your indiscernible anatomy reduce damage from critical hits. Whenever you take additional critical damage, roll a d6. If it equals or is less than your Proficiency Bonus, you take no extra damage.

Antimagic-As mentioned above, Wilding is inherently inimical and disruptive to other forms of magic. At level three, you may, as a reaction, gain resistance to the damage dealt by a single spell or other form of magic.

Ability Score Improvement-Usual levels, usual deal.

Improved Oozing Nature-At level five, your body begins to fully oozify. This grants you proficiency in Constitution saving throws, resistance to poison and acid damage, and whenever you take damage, you have a chance of creating an ooze from yourself. To determine if an ooze spawns adjacent to you, make a Constitution save against a DC of 25-the damage you took. If you succeed on the save, an ooze is created next to you (in a square of your choosing) with HP equal to the damage you took, with a maximum number equal to your proficiency bonus. These oozes are blobby and not very effective in a fight, but do have a single slam attack for 1d4+your Strength modifier bludgeoning damage, with an attack bonus equal to your melee attack bonus. They also have a 10' move speed, both walking and climbing. However, they are rather durable, having resistance to all damage (except damage they take when you spend your reaction) and immunity to poison and acid damage.

In addition, as a reaction, you may split damage you take amongst yourself and your oozes. Damage is divided by the number of oozes created plus one (because you still take damage), however, the entire damage must still be accounted for. So, if you have three oozes and take 21 damage, three of you take 5 damage and one takes 6.

Finally, you gain a climb speed equal to half your land speed, and may move through spaces as if you were one size smaller due to your amorphous nature.

Extra Attack-At level six, usual deal.

Improved Antimagic-At level seven, you are able to absorb magic. Once per short rest, as a reaction upon making a save against a spell or other magical effect, you completely negate any effect it would have on you and instead gain spell level times your proficiency bonus THP.

Advanced Mindstar Techniques-At level ten, you gain the two-weapon fighting style, and are able to enhance your mindstar with your own wild power. You gain a number of enhancement points equal to half your proficiency bonus to spend on each mindstar, and they always overcome resistance that is overcome by magical weapons. Changing the enhancements may be done over any rest.

Each point may be used in the following ways:

+1 to attack and damage
+1d6 acid damage on a hit
+1d8 poison damage on a hit
Anyone struck must make a DC 12 Strength save or be restrained until the start of your next turn.
Anyone struck must make a DC 12 Constitution save or be poisoned until the start of your next turn.

Master Of Wilding-Starting at eleventh level, you gain more potent spells available once per long rest. You gain the indicated slot at the levels shown on the table, and may cast any spell from them that you have prepared.

Greater Oozing Nature-At eleventh level, you may reabsorb your oozes as an action or bonus action. You regain half the HP the ooze has when using an action, or one-fourth when using a bonus action. In addition, you gain resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and immunity to poison and acid damage.

In addition, your climb speed improves to your normal speed, and you may move as though you were two sizes smaller.

Ooze Eternal-At level twenty, you are an ooze. Your shape is fully amorphous, allowing you to move through a space as small as one inch without squeezing. You stop aging, and require only a little water and nutrients to survive. In addition, you gain resistance to all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and immunity to fall damage. Finally, you regain HP at the start of each of your turns equal to 5+your Constitution modifier.


Mossy Steps-At level one, you leave a trail of moss behind you wherever you go, if you wish. This moss is slightly thick and sticky, and acts as difficult terrain for your enemies. The moss retains its potency for one minute after you step, and after that becomes ordinary moss and not difficult terrain.

Overgrowth-At level five, you can, as an action, cause moss to sprout in a 10' radius around you.

Slippery Moss-At level nine, your moss is now slick and slippery. Anyone who moves more than half their speed (after reductions for difficult terrain) in a turn and travels over your moss must make a Dexterity save against your spell DC or fall prone. A creature can only be forced to make this save once per turn.

Hallucinogenic Moss-At level fourteen, your moss release strange spores that cause hallucinations. Anyone who ends their turn in your moss must make a Constitution save against your spell DC. On a failure, they are confused by hallucinations, and must roll a d8 every time they take an action. On a 1, they believe their action has happened, but it's merely a hallucination, and their action is wasted.

Acidic Moss-At level eighteen, your moss now deals 1d4 acid damage for every 5' it is traveled through.


Slime Spit-At level one, you gain the Slime Spit orison.

Acidic Skin-At level five, you may, once per short rest, have your skin secrete a deadly acid for a minute as a bonus action. Anyone who strikes you in melee takes acid damage equal to your Wisdom modifier plus your proficiency modifier.

Slime Roots-At level nine, you are able to move short distances via slimy tendrils implanted into the ground. As an action, you may move up to 30' along these tendrils. You do not count as passing through intervening spaces when you do so, but there must be solid ground along the entire distance of your travel.

Slimy Resilience-At level fourteen, you may spend a hit die as an action.

Improved Acidic Skin-At level eighteen, you may permanently maintain your Acidic Skin. You may stop it or start it as a bonus action.

Spell List

0th Level (Orisons)
Acid Splash
Blade Ward
Poison Spray
Spare The Dying
True Strike

Thorn Whip

1st Level
Absorb Elements
Animal Friendship
Armor Of Thorns (Armor of Agathys, but with magical piercing damage instead)
Cause Fear
Charm Person
Cure Wounds
Detect Poison And Disease
Earth Tremor
False Life
Feather Fall
Fog Cloud
Hail Of Thorns
Healing Word
Mage Armor
Ray Of Sickness

2nd Level
Alter Self
Animal Messenger
Calm Emotions
Dust Devil
Enhance Ability
Gentle Repose
Healing Spirit
Heat Metal
Hold Person
Lesser Restoration
Magic Weapon
Maximilian's Earthen Grasp
Melf's Acid Arrow
Pass Without Trace
Protection From Poison
Ray Of Enfeeblement
Spider Climb
Spike Growth
Warding Bond

3rd Level
Animate Dead
Aura Of Vitality
Bestow Curse
Conjure Animals
Dispel Magic
Elemental Weapon
Erupting Earth
Gaseous Form
Life Transference
Mass Healing Word
Meld Into Stone
Plant Growth
Protection From Energy
Stinking Cloud
Vampiric Touch
Wall Of Water
Water Breathing
Water Walk
Wind Wall

4th Level
Aura Of Life
Aura Of Purity
Charm Monster
Control Water
Death Ward
Dominate Beast
Elemental Bane
Evard's Black Tentacles
Fire Shield
Freedom Of Movement
Grasping Vine
Guardian Of Nature
Stone Shape
Vitrolic Sphere
Watery Sphere

5th Level
Antilife Shell
Commune With Nature
Dominate Person
Greater Restoration
Hold Monster
Mass Cure Wounds
Raise Dead
Tree Stride
Wall Of Stone
Wrath Of Nature

6th Level
Bones Of The Earth
Druid's Grove
Flesh To Stone
Heroes' Feast
Investiture of Flame
Investiture of Ice
Investiture of Stone
Investiture of Wind
Mass Suggestion
Move Earth
Primordial Ward
Transport Via Plants
Wall Of Thorns
Wind Walk

7th Level
Reverse Gravity

8th Level
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
Animal Shapes
Control Weather
Dominate Monster
Mind Blank

9th Level
Mass Heal
Mass Polymorph
Power Word Heal
Storm Of Vengeance
True Polymorph
True Resurrection

Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 120'
Components: S
Duration: Istantaneous

You spit a gob of mucus-laden slime at a target. Make an attack roll, dealing 1d6 bludgeoning and 1d6 acid damage on a hit.
This spell can bounce between targets at higher levels. At level 5, it can bounce to a second target within 60' of the first, at level 11, a third target within 60' of the second, and at level 17, a fourth target within 60' of the third.


Mindstars are psionically charged rocks that can project weaponry. They are able to take the form of any weapon, and can be infused with spells. Over the course of a minute, you can expend a single spell slot to empower the mindstar for a number of hours equal to the slot level squared. While empowered, it is treated as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances.

2018-08-16, 12:19 AM
Loving the flavor and most of the class, but I do have a lot of feedback:

First, some feedback on the Mindstar:
Given that you list the Mindstar in the equipment at the top, IMO that should be described at the top. Second, the psionic nature of it feels out of sync with the rest of the class; as the Advanced Mindstar Techniques look like they should apply to unarmed attacks for someone who is becoming an ooze, maybe just replace the Mindstar with a pseudopod class ability using the Monk unarmed damage table?

Next, the other class features:
I'm unsure as to why the various features are Wisdom based and the spells are prepared divine style, when this class feels like it should either be using Intelligence for an alchemist angle (keeping some form of preparation) or Charisma for innate pseudo-sorcerer abilities (switching to spells known ala normal Warlock), probably using Constitution for the acidic powers to represent that it is your body producing the acid/poison.

I find it curious that you only have resistance to acid and poison when you first get Improved Ooze Nature, yet your split-off oozes have full-blown immunity. I'd suggest syncing the acid and poison and other damage resist and immunity features between the self and the oozes, and replace their resistance with an AC equal to 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier + your Proficiency bonus (as small targets are harder to hit in theory).

I'm pretty sure the ooze rules normally state something about only splitting when attacked with slashing weapons/attacks, so specifying that this only applies to slashing would probably be appropriate. I'd also suggest leaving slashing as a hole in the resistance and immunity the class gives, mostly for flavor reasons. Might even be worth specifying that this doesn't work if you are wearing armor, because after all when was the last time an ooze actually wore armor (note that having a set of full plate floating within an ooze has never boosted the AC of said ooze), and besides armor might get in the way of the new ooze jumping off; maybe give an unarmored AC based on your oozy transformation instead?

As for splitting damage with your oozes, I feel like this should only work if they are within a limited 5-10 ft range (you definitely shouldn't be able to apply it to an ooze that's falling hundreds of feet down a chasm, for example), and should specify whether resistance and immunity should apply before or after the split, to avoid doubling up on resistance or the like.

You're missing a big capstone component that all oozes enjoy: Blindsight. You should definitely add this to the capstone. Also, other features to consider adding would be immunity to exhaustion, charm, frightened, prone, and maybe even false appearance, innate water breathing, or similar features.

Oh, and I'd love to see a specification that you can leave a trail of excessively clean stone behind you as you move and climb, maybe even polishing other hard materials you cross over, just for fun. After all, an excessively clean dungeon is a classic warning sign of an ooze.

Now, for the Archetypes:
Moss needs to specify that you are immune to your own (and possibly any other) moss-based (or maybe plant-based) difficult terrain.

Acid Skin should apply automatically once per turn if the Oozemancer is in a grapple and the enemy is either applying it or failing to escape. Slime Roots looks off, it's almost like a burrowing speed inspired teleport, yet no ooze has ever demonstrated such an ability to my knowledge; I'd suggest replacing it with an automatic grapple after a pseudopod hit, maybe name it Partial Engulf or something.

Finally, for the spell list and new spells:
First, Acid Spit is OP. First, the damage of 2d6 beats even the 1d10 of firebolt and eldritch blast, second the bounce doesn't specify that it needs additional attack rolls where a miss breaks the chain, as it is it's one attack followed by unavoidable auto-hits. Personally I'd change it to 1d4 acid + 1d4 poison, drop the bludgeoning, with later levels allowing a hit to attempt another attack to essentially chain the attack, but with a new attack roll for each target; if I wanted to boost it from there I might specify that each bounce calculates from the last target hit so if a second target is behind a wall granting cover to you but not to your first target, you can then bounce it off the first and bypass said cover, but it would still be pretty good without that.

Second, the Armor of Agathys modification should be Armor of Ooze dealing acid, poison, or a split between them, instead of a Thorns doing piercing.

Finally, the sheer variety of spells listed feels a bit absurd, you seem to have every type of spell shy of the Smites but including other weapon buffs represented. I'd strongly recommend severely shrinking the spell list to be poison, acid, and modification-centric (like enlarge/reduce and polymorph), with none of the weapon spells or ally buffs, just focus on damage and self-buffs (making modification spells only apply to the self is optional). Healing Word especially feels off, if you want healing go with Cure Wounds for touch contact or better yet the Unearthed Arcana Healing Elixer spell, albeit the latter feels more appropriate for an alchemist than for an ooze.

2018-08-16, 12:43 AM
Loving the flavor and most of the class, but I do have a lot of feedback:

First, some feedback on the Mindstar:
Given that you list the Mindstar in the equipment at the top, IMO that should be described at the top. Second, the psionic nature of it feels out of sync with the rest of the class; as the Advanced Mindstar Techniques look like they should apply to unarmed attacks for someone who is becoming an ooze, maybe just replace the Mindstar with a pseudopod class ability using the Monk unarmed damage table?

This it the Tales of Maj'eyal Oozemancer - the Mindstar fluff is inherited.

2018-08-16, 11:18 AM
On Mindstars: Yeah, that could work.

They're based on Wilders from ToME, who are very much about being in-tune with nature. That's Wisdom, in D&D.

I'm okay leaving them immune while you're only resistant, since you're still humanoid and they're full blown ooze. I do need to add an AC, but I'm not going to make them hard to hit-they're there to tank, not dodge.

I want it to work with all damage-it might not fully make sense, but it's a main feature of this class, and it'd suck to not work on most damage types.

Resistances YOU HAVE apply before splitting damage. Once damage is taken, though, no more resistances or immunities apply-not even the oozes' resistance to all. And I'll slap a range on there, but I think 30' is more appropriate than 5' or 10'. They CANNOT keep up with you, pretty much at all, so you need some distance.

Blindsight makes sense. The others not as much-you've still a humanoid mind.

Thanks for the Archetype feedback.

Slime Spit should require a new attack each time you hit a new target, but I don't feel it's OP. It's powerful at levels 1-4, when you and everyone else gets one target, but weaker as you level, since it MUST hit different targets. What I'll do is change it to 2d4 (one die of each) at level one, and upgrade the damage dice at each level by one step (2d6, 2d8, and 2d10) so it scales better with a single target, and leave in the ricochet.

Armor of Ooze makes sense.

And yeah, I'm not the best at making spell lists. I might honestly redo this class as a more martial-inclined class and just ditch casting.

2018-08-16, 06:53 PM
Redone as a martial class.