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2018-08-15, 06:53 AM
I have been thinking of creating a subclass or class that is a full caster but is also a martial fighter being a bit in the middle and I want the theme of it to be around the character having a bloodline that grants them fighting abilities, they would be able to cast spells with Dexterity or Strength as their spellcasting modifier. I think this would be pretty cool and I can see how a sorcerer subclass could work, bloodline, full caster and a lot of the good stuffs but then gameplay wise it feels... weird. I have a idea to make the spells you gain based around transmutation being able to let you use the techniques and skills of your ancestor to become more powerful but the amount I might have to change about the sorcerer from this being a sorcerer so my question is would this work as a sorcerer subclass? do I need to make a home-brew subclass with some stuff from the sorcerer or can I make this a subclass of another class (btw I am kind of thinking of this being either a full caster or half caster)

2018-08-15, 09:41 AM
As a side note, magic-using warriors are very common in point-buy systems. I play them almost as much as I play academic mages, and they require a very different point investment (instead of putting points in Lore, Research, Magical Theory, and potentially even Physics and Chemistry you'll be putting points into Weaponry, Tactics, Strategy and Logistics). Not always a good idea, especially if you end up unable to put points elsewhere, but it's possible.

In D&D 5e, the simplest way to represent this is probably Fighter X/Spellcaster Y, but let's assume we want to do it as a caster subclass. This subclass would require the following:
-Weapon and Armour proficiency, if the class doesn't already have it.
-Extra Attack at level 5/6
-Possibly some way to get more self-buffs on their spell list.

As a half-caster, I've found a rather good Homebrew class that does the concept rather well. You could do this as a Swordmage (https://www.dmsguild.com/product/224413/Swordmage-A-True-Arcane-HalfCaster-for-5e) Discipline, have it add a few more buffs to your spell list, maybe an action-surge style ability at 11th level, Advantage on a saving throw once per short rest at 3rd or 7th level, and other abilities you could fluff as your Ancestor helping you. Or you could just refluff one of the three Disciplines that some with the Homebrew, all three are quite good.

2018-08-15, 06:49 PM
looking over the home-brew class you have gave me has given me more ideas about things I could do, I wanna make this a bit similar to sorcerer in a way cause I have a idea for the user to be able to use something like metamagics but they use it to say gain the effects of a fighting style for a certain amount of time or gain extra speed or gain a small regeneration etc. I wanna do that to make it feel a little different to most half casters and make it stand out a bit, I think I'll use some of the other abilities that the sword mage gains just with some changes and reskins.

Kaptin Keen
2018-08-16, 11:44 PM
The only important thing is that you call your class sword-ceror.