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2018-09-04, 02:22 PM
I've been interested in running Starfinder starship combat but I've noticed that despite having fighter-based ships, the actual numbers don't add up as a fighter squadron against ships many times larger than them would just end in disaster since there aren't a lot of good options for a fighter squadron looking to take advantage of a capital warship that can't target them due to their weapon selection.
So I've decided to do two things:
1. Make a weapon that could actually HURT if you got pegged with one despite it coming from a fighter.
2. Devise some mechanics to allow for fighter squadrons to help allow the possibility of carrier fleets becoming a thing.
However, I'm still working on the fighter squadron thing so if you have any ideas to help jump start it, that would be appreciated. For now, I present the Bomb special quality and a possible expansion bay that will help fighters wanting to specialize in Tracking Weapons.

Cost (In BP)
Special Properties

Light Weapon

Miniaturized Bomb
As Base Heavy Weapon
As Base Heavy Weapon
As Base Heavy Weapon
As Base Heavy Weapon X2
Bomb, Limited Fire 1

Heavy Weapon

Heavy Bomb
As Base Capital Weapon
As Base Capital Weapon
As Base Capital Weapon X2
As Base Capital Weapon X4
Bomb, Limited Fire 1

Special Quality: Bomb
While it is more akin to a magnetized orbital mine, the use of the heaviest payload and minimalistic guidance systems make this weapon effective against hardened targets. A weapon with this special quality uses a base tracking weapon to determine it's damage, PCU, and cost in BP (as shown in the chart above). In order to use this weapon, a pilot must first conduct the Flyby Stunt against the target. Success on the stunt gives this weapon a +5 bonus to the attack and weapon speed. Weapons with this special quality cannot be fired beyond the first range increment and cannot be fired at a target of the same size, or smaller, than your ship or ships smaller than Medium. Bomb weapons are always tracking weapons.
The idea here was to allow smaller ships to equip something dangerous enough to warrant fighter squadrons. Historically, aircraft were used to drop payloads and fighter planes were developed to deal with this threat. Starfinder had the latter but the former was sorely missing to justify having a fighter squadron instead of a Destroyer.
I didn't want these bombs being used on other fighters since:
1. That would just be broken.
2. A magnetized weapon is going to go to something with a LOT more mass than some dinky ship.

Expansion Bay
Cost (in BP)

Hangar Support Bay

Hangar Support Bay
A hangar support bay can only be installed with a ship that has an installed Hangar and takes up two expansion bays. A hangar support bay contains equipment necessary to resupply a fighter squadron in the middle of a fight. If a Tiny starship docks in the hangar, they may spend 1 round of starship combat (during the Engineering Phase) to reload their Limited Fire weapons as if 10 minutes outside of starship combat had passed. During this time, any Engineers aboard the carrier ship may conduct Engineer actions on the docked ship.
The ship can only resupply 8 Tiny Starships once per combat in this manner. Afterwards, it must take 20 minutes outside of starship combat to recharge and rebuild the ammunition before it can be used again.

Please review and give feedback! I'm excited to see how this goes as I'm planning on using these in a game.