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2018-09-09, 10:31 PM
Swarm Of Dog
Large Aberration, Neutral Evil

Armor Class 16 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 190 (20d10+80)
Speed 45', Climb 45'


18 (+4)
16 (+3)
18 (+4)
8 (-1)
14 (+2)
12 (+1)

Skills Stealth +7, Deception +9, Athletics +8
Resistances Necrotic, Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from non-magical weapons
Senses Darkvision 120', Passive Perception 12
Languages Undercommon, Deep Speech, Beholder
Challenge ?

Keen Scent The Swarm of Dog has advantage on any scent-based checks.

Unassuming Demeanor The Swarm of Dog has advantage on Deception checks made to conceal its true form.

Many Long "Limbs" The Swarm of Dog can grapple targets up to 15' away, using its long, dog-headed limbs. In addition, it has 6 of these limbs suitable for combat at any given moment-however, if a single limb takes at least 20 slashing damage in a round, it is cut off. The limb can make a single bite attack against anyone adjacent to the head for the next 1d4 rounds, after which it finally dies.

Regeneration The Swarm of Dog regains 5 HP at the start of each of its turns, unless it took any radiant damage in the last round, in which case its regeneration is stopped for one turn, or if it lost a limb, in which case it can regrow a limb instead of regaining HP.

Semi-Amorphous The Swarm of Dog may squeeze through places as if it were a small creature.


Bite Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to-hit, reach 15', one target. Hit: 1d10+4 piercing damage.

Envelope The Swarm of Dog envelopes a target that is at least one size smaller than itself. It enters the space of its chosen victim, and makes a single grapple check. (This is made with advantage if the target is already grappled.) On a a success, the target is pulled into the heart of the swarm, and is Restrained until they escape the grapple and exit the Swarm of Dog's space. While Restrained in this manner, they have no line of sight or effect to anything but the Swarm of Dog, and take 3d10 bludgeoning, 2d10 necrotic, and 1d10 acid damage at the start of each of their turns. If the Swarm of Dog is slain, they still take the acid damage, but not the other types, continuing until they exit the body, which merely counts as difficult terrain once the Swarm of Dog is dead.

Extra Attack X The Swarm of Dog makes as many attacks as it has limbs, or other attack actions. It may also make, at any point during this action, a single Envelope attack.

Bonus Actions

Real The Swarm of Dog may pull a target it has grappled adjacent to itself.

Gnaw The Swarm of Dog may make a single attack against a grappled target per limb it's using to grapple them.


Whimpering Pup The Swarm of Dog makes one of its limbs temporarily look weak and pitiful, often reminding people of their own pets. When attacked, it may use this reaction to force a DC 14 Wisdom save. On a failure, the target gains disadvantage on their attack roll.

"Aw, what a cute little puppy!" the young elvish woman said. She was dressed in simple traveling clothes, belying her arcane nature.

"Ye, but wha' in tha hell is it doin' 'ere?" her dwarven companion, wearing clanking full plate and carrying a hefty maul, asked.

The puppy, near the corner of the room, whimpered pitiably.

"Probably some ne'er-do-well druid, leaving their poor pup all alone!" the elf said, approaching the dog.

The dwarf scoffed. "And wha' do ye think killed 'em?"

"Certainly not this adorable little-" she began, before the dog lunged forward and bit her. "Ow! Bad dog, bad... dog..." she trailed off, as she saw the dog had only its front limbs and head. The back trailed off into a sickly, green-black tentacle.


"RUN! RUN NOW!" she cried, but it was too late. Five more heads streamed out from a narrow crack in the wall, biting and binding her, as the center of mass, trailing many dead limbs covered in dog heads approached. The dwarf raised his voice in a wordless battle cry, and brought his maul forward, but found that his companion was already too far in to be reached safely.

"I'll get ye! I'LL KILL YE!" he cried, not sure if he was referring to the creature or his friend with the first, but knowing the words were meant for the creature in the second.

The woman inside was already gone, though. Crushed by the tentacles, reaved by necrotic energies, and partially digested, she had no words for her friend. She couldn't tell him to save himself.

As the dwarven warrior fought, he found himself being pulled in too. The creature's tentacles, as strong as any man's, were wrapping around his limbs as the heads failed to find purchase in his armor. He grimaced-he knew his armor would protect him.

He was wrong. He met the same fate as his friend.

A few minutes passed.

The only sound left was a dog, whining in the corner.

Swarms of Dogs are horrific beings. They're a conglomeration of tentacles, each ending in the front half of a dog, that is empowered by fell energies and a drive to kill all it encounters. It is magically resilient to ordinary weapons, though not impossible to harm-however, brave indeed is the man who does not break when seeing the full extent of this creature.

They like to lair in basements and tunnels, often near small villages. These villages rarely last long, as people fall prey to its trickery, and when only a few remain, it travels out to devour the rest.

A Swarm of Dog especially likes to eat, well, dogs. When they grow a new limb, it usually has the appearance of any dogs they've recently consumed. Oftentimes, a man, woman, or even child will lose their dog, then one day, hear their barks again. They'll rush to greet their pet, eager to be rejoined, only to join them in the afterlife instead.

A Swarm of Dog is intelligent-about as much as the average orc. They speak several languages, though, including Beholder. Many are found near Beholder lairs, often as pets.

Quintus Vorenus
2018-09-10, 06:34 AM
Horrifying, Terific!

2018-09-10, 08:23 AM
Was this at least in part inspired by The Thing?

2018-09-10, 10:16 AM
Was this at least in part inspired by The Thing?

Not intentionally. But maybe? Been a while since I've seen it.

Also, will add a CR when I get home from my local game today-my DMG was in my car, and I was just too lazy to go get it.

If anyone else wants to do CR math for me, I'll give you an e-cookie. :P

2018-09-15, 02:49 PM
To be honest, my eyes got misty when reading the lore section. Playing on people's emotions and love for their fur babies, that's sick and twisted but i like it.

I could see beholders and SoD having a symbiotic relationship and have co-evolved/domesticated each other similar to humans and dogs.

Quest Idea:
1. a town that's had many folks dogs mysteriously disappearing and blame a local beholder, so they hire adventurers to remove the menace.
2. the adventurers follow set of odd dog tracks (only imprints of front paws are left) to the beholder's lair. They see what they think is a dog near the lair entrance and try to entice it to them. Instead, the "dog" goes into the lair, so the party enters the lair to save the poor pooch.
3. they eventually come to the central chamber where they're confronted with the sight of the "dog" licking a beholder who's petting it using its telekinetic ray.
4. Party draws weapons/prepares spells and confront beholder, not noticing the rest of the horror that is the "dog". Beholder says "sick 'em fluffy" and the party are collectively like wtf, combat ensues.

Funny Idea: the SoD having varying personalities based on dog breeds that it's made of. Chihuahua = trembling giant mexican rat with napoleon complex, pit bull = neurotic angel baby, belgian malinois = malin-gator/fur missle, etc.