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2018-09-13, 11:04 PM
After I posted my Witch Akashic archetype, the Besom Witch (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?568806-Akashic-Mysteries-Akashic-Witch-Archetype-and-New-Veils) and its related veils, it was suggested that I could create a full class instead of just an archetype. While I ended up straying far from the archetype in terms of the theme and unique abilities, I think the result is still interesting. The Hexenkönig combines elements of the Witch and Vizier classes, and is heavily themed around the concept of a "Fisher King". A Fisher King is a monarch whose inner nature is reflected in the land they rule. This is a work in progress, especially the class's lore/flavor text, "Fisher King" ability, and veil list. As always, please read, enjoy, and comment.

The Hexenkönig(original) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wwd9fknh1ccc8mj4KvyV--ujm-ocSO3OBQOOCS1kzA8/edit?usp=sharing)
The Hexenkönig(current version) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pixP5w59gCJECxpOvH1DsFz8ks0jArEypFnfi2Iupgo/edit?usp=sharing)

2018-09-16, 05:26 PM
I love Akashic Mysteries and this seems like a neat idea, so here goes!

Charisma as your main ability score seems kind of odd to me, since both parent classes key off of Intelligence. I'm assuming that's a result of the "King" aspect of "Fisher King".

In terms of overall abilities, this guy strikes me as a Vizier which combines all three Paths (the Artificer's crafting, and the Ruler and Seer's buff/debuff auras), plus hexes tacked on as your Witch influence. From an optimization standpoint, I'm not totally sure on how the Vizier's ability to reshape veils stacks up against the Hexenkonig's hexes, but overall I'd probably say this class pulls ahead, just due to the all-day nature of hexes.

Fisher King is a cool power as a concept, but mechanically it doesn't really strike me as doing all that much, especially the Flourish version (which can be outright dangerous for your allies if you're fighting swarms of weak creatures- I'd recommend moving the "exclude creatures equal to Cha" function and just making it selective between enemies and allies). Giving it some deeper interaction with your veils and/or hexes as you level would be nice.

Bound hexes are a neat idea! I like how they interact with different bind slots in different ways. Overall, though, I still feel like this class is juggling two different subsystems and not always combining them in a meaningful way- you'd probably use your veils mostly as passive buffs and utility functions, while the hexes do the heavy lifting in combat. Some way they directly interact (transmitting hexes through weapon veils, or giving veil-summoned creatures the ability to piggyback on your hexes) would fix that issue for me. Compare to the Rajah, DSP's official hybrid class, which does a really neat job of making its martial initiating and veilweaving abilities directly linked to each other.

As for the veilweaving and veils themselves, I don't see any big issues, and your homebrew veils are all cool, balanced, and flavorful- Witch's Broom and Vain Queen's Hand Mirror are especially nice.

2018-09-17, 12:29 AM
Thanks for looking it over and offering your insights. You've given me plenty to think over as I work on this class.

Initially I was going to have intelligence be the main ability score, as the two parent classes share it. However, charisma did fit the kingship theme better. In comparing hexes to the Vizier's veilshifting, I'd personally give the edge to the Vizier. Hexes are effectively all day abilities, but being able to swap veils offers a notable degree of adaptability.
As for the Fisher King ability, I wanted to start with a conservative option and work from there. Swarms had not occurred to me, I'll tackle that as I revise the ability. Aside from this, evening out the connections between all of the abilities is one of my major goals.

In terms of the interaction between veils and hexes I pictured veils doing the majority of the heavy lifting, but I'll review this point. Great suggestions on ways to synergize the two.

I'm really glad you like the veils. Honestly, I was especially worried about how they would turn out balance wise and if they would be interesting enough to actually use. Witch's Broom and Vain Queen's Hand Mirror we're actually the problem cases as I was working on them.

2018-12-05, 07:37 PM
This is still a work in progress, but I present The Hexenkönig ver. 2 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pixP5w59gCJECxpOvH1DsFz8ks0jArEypFnfi2Iupgo/edit?usp=sharing). Please read, enjoy, and comment.

2019-07-26, 10:10 PM
After some review I have altered several of the Hexenkönig's abilities.

Rhetorical Flourish, gained as a bonus feat at 7th level has been replaced with the ability Regal Presence.
The DCs for signet hexes have been altered to reflect the normal DCs of veil effects, and the bind effects gained at 9th have been restructured.
The Akashic Learning hex now includes Expanded Veilweaving as one of its options.
Expanded Veilweaving, gained as a bonus feat at 15th level has been replaced by the ability Twin Signet.

The original texts for Rhetorical Flourish, Signet Hex, and Expanded Veilweaving are still readable as comments. Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciated.