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2018-09-19, 01:29 AM
I decided to make a new type of monk subclass based around the theme of gaining abilities that are similar to ones animals have. I had this idea from animal style kung fu and decided to make it based around the themes of gaining abilities like a animal would and being able to adapt to a large amount of areas like animals can. You also may or may not notice that I have taken inspiration from the order of immortal mystic

Bestial Adaptations

starting at level 3, your body morphs into one that is like that of a animal. You gain a bite unarmed attack which deals your martial arts damage die + your dexterity modifier piercing damage and your maximum HP increases by 1 per level. Whenever you finish a short rest you can also choose to focus on one of the following traits

Aquatic - while focused on this you gain the ability to breathe air and water and you gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed

Mountainous - while focused on this you gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed and being at high altitudes doesnít effect you

Underdark - while focused on this you gain a dark vision of 120 feet

Forest - while focused on this if you are in a forest you regain 1 hp every kilometre you travel

Swamp - while focused on this your unarmed strikes deal poison damage and deal a extra 1 point of poison damage

Arctic - while focused on this you gain a resistance to cold damage and cold temperatures donít affect you

Reflexes of a cat

starting at level 6, with a reaction you can expend one ki point to reduce slashing, piercing or bludgeoning damage from a melee attack by your martial arts die + your dexterity modifier

Strength of a Bear

starting at level 6, with your bonus action you can add your dexterity modifier to your athletic checks

Claws of a Leopard

starting at level 11, you can use claws for unarmed strikes and deal slashing damage instead of bludgeoning and you have advantage for checks made to keep balance, resist pushing and climbing

Wings of a Fox

starting at level 11, you can completely reduce falling damage and you gain a glide speed, when you glide you can travel 15 feet but you fall 5 feet per round

Power of Nature

starting at level 17, you can cast Enhance ability on yourself at will and with no concentration

2018-09-19, 08:38 PM
Power Of Nature is OP. That's on-demand advantage for literally any ability check.

The rest seems okay, but the first level features vary WILDLY in power. None of them are OP, but some are underpowered.

2018-09-19, 09:00 PM
I was thinking that it might be a bit too op, I was thinking how some druids can cast alter self at will and they did that at level 14 so as a level 17 I was thinking it might be okay but I can see how it might be overpowered. Also which level 3 abilities are underpowered and any suggestions for level 17? should I change it to a different spell or think of something more different

2018-09-19, 09:08 PM
Aquatic fine. Niche, but fine.

Mountainous is fine.

Underdark fine.

Forest sucks.

Swamp sucks-poison is so commonly resisted or immune to it's not even funny.

Arctic is probably a wee bit too good, relative to the rest.

2018-09-19, 11:14 PM
Hmm okay thanks for the suggestions,

Forest - should I shorten the distance or make the amount of health you gain larger? or maybe make it a amount of time so it can be used in combat

Swamp - hmmm, should I increase the damage or maybe let them have another type of damage and maybe for the purposes of immunities and resistances it can be counted as magic poison damage

Cold - I thought this was maybe okay but I can change it, a resistance to nonmagical cold damage isn't very good at all from the fact that like 90% of cold damage you will get will be magic so maybe while in cold environments you can find food easier and navigate better? that feels a bit too much like a ranger though, even though this is ranger based I still want it to be a little different