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2018-09-21, 02:21 AM
Wizard Archetype: School of Medicine:
Those who wish to aid those who are sick and suffering come in many forms, but those who are unable to leverage a connection with the divine or nature study their magical craft and hone it, becoming adept healers in spite of their lack of spiritual connection. Through study of medicine, magic, and alchemy wizards of the school of medicine are able to reconstruct common healing magics and are capable of more potent use of common healing items.

Physiology Expert: Starting at 2nd level, you gain proficiency in Medicine. In addition you are able use a Healerís Kit to as a bonus action.

Medical Knowledge: Also starting at level 2, you gain access to additional spells related to medicine and illness as you gain wizard levels, these spells are considered Wizard spells for you:

Expanded Spell List
Spell Level -- Spells
1st -- Cure Wounds, Purify Food and Drink
2nd -- Lesser Restoration, Gentle Repose
3rd -- Revivify
4th -- Death Ward
5th -- Greater Restoration

Arcane Triage: Starting at 2nd level when you select this school, you can perform emergency medical treatment on a creature. Whenever you restore hit points to a stable creature you can touch -- including the use of items such as a healerís kit or healing potion -- that creature can spend a number of hit dice up to your Intelligence modifier. A creature who has received this benefit cannot receive it again until the end of a long rest.

Potent Treatment: Starting at 6th level, whenever you restore hit points to a creature -- including the use of items such as a healerís kit or healing potion -- the creature regains additional hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier.
In addition, whenever you make a Medicine skill check, you may use your Intelligence modifier instead of your Wisdom modifier.

Bedside Manner: Starting at 10th level, your medical knowledge allows you and your allies more restorative rest. If you or any creatures within your vision regain hit points by spending hit dice they can replace any die result with your Intelligence modifier.
In addition, other creatures who expend hit dice within sight of you can reduce their exhaustion level by 1.

Preventative Medicine: Starting at 14th level, your healing becomes more efficient, causing any hit points you restore above a creatureís maximum to be gained as temporary hit points by the creature for up to 1 hour. While the creature has these temporary hit points they are immune to being poisoned and afflicted with diseases.

So this is something I've felt was missing for a long time from the game, an Intelligence based healer aka a doctor. Almost all healing in 5E comes form divine casters (Druids, Clerics, Paladins), with the exception of Bards, who heal through Arcane magic -- the same type of magic Wizards do! So why can't Wizards get in on that with an archetype? Thematically and lore-wise it seems to fit, so I went and made it. I went with the thematic image of a battlefield medic, stitching up wounds with arcane threads and magical items. Also I wanted to make use of an underutilized (IMO) mechanic of 5e, Hit Dice.

Not sure if how well balanced it is, the abilities are generally potent, but I intentionally prevented it from getting magic to bring back the dead any better than Revivify (which I justify via magical CPR, effectively) and tried to tie it's healing to touch distance, so regardless of the healing potency you end up in a potentially dangerous place.

Might cause issues with multiclassing into another healer to grant that extra range with things like Healing Word or Healing Spirit, though...

Thoughts, opinions and suggestions very welcome!


Removed higher level spells (6th-9th level) from extra spell list due to feedback.
Altered the wording of [Potent Treatment] based on advice from @KorvinStarmast
Re-examined expanded spell list -- removed automatically being added to the spellbook and added a few non-combat thematic options at lower levels.

Changed [Physiology Expert] to grant proficiency instead of Advantage for Medicine
Altered [Potent Treatment] to grant a bonus to healing based on raw Int mod instead of Medicine skill mod, but to also allow for Int mod bonus to Medicine
Renamed [Extreme Wellness] to [Preventative Medicine]

2018-09-21, 10:37 AM
It's a lot - this wizard doesn't just have healing magic, they're probably better than specialized healer archetypes like the Life Cleric.

Cutting Arcane Triage would be a start - just give them Spare the Dying as a free Cantrip. I'd trim Potent Healing down to just make Healing Kits/Potions more effective, to give them some of that medical flavor. And move the ability to use Healer's Kits as a bonus action to 6th level, while we're at it. Shifting ability scores for skill isn't really a thing either, so cut that too.

The higher level abilities also look very strong, but I'm less certain about balance at those levels.

2018-09-21, 02:54 PM
Not familiar with 5e, but I approve of letting wizards heal.The arcane/divine healing split has never made sense to me (especially since bards can bridge it).