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2018-09-30, 06:17 PM
Artisan's Toolbelt
Very rare, requires attunement (wizard, artificer)

This resizing belt has 12 pockets on it, each its own extradimensional space. When an artisan's toolset is kept in a pocket for 1 hour, it becomes attuned to that pocket, and enhanced by the belt's power: whenever the tools kept in that pocket are used for their intended crafting purpose, you have advantage on the check, and you have proficiency with the toolset even if you normally don't. Each pocket also has magical enchantment tied to artisan blueprints for various crafting projects, organizing the stored blueprints for ease of location; as such, when the owner goes searching for a particular blueprint in a pocket attuned to blueprints, they need only spend a bonus action to always locate the one they're looking for in the filing system. Finally, each pocket acts as a miniature bag of holding for general items as well, although it does give any additional benefits the way it does for tools and blueprints. In the case of general storage or toolkit storage, each pocket can carry up to 20 lbs, not exceeding a volume of 2 cubic feet; if used to store blueprints, the pocket's weight and volume shift to 80 lbs and 8 cubic ft.

Generally speaking, a randomly generated Artisan's Toolbelt will be found with 1d6+4 (avg 8) pockets already containing a toolset to which they are attuned, and 1d2-1 pockets containing some blueprints from the previous owner.

((EDIT: The one Elly has currently has the following Artisan's tools already inside: Alchemist's supplies, Carpenter's tools, Cook's utensils, Jeweler's tools, Leatherworker's Tools, Smith's tools, Tinker's tools, Weaver's tools))

Magus Blade
Legendary, requires attunement (sorcerer, warlock, wizard)

Originally a gift from Tenebris to one of his more capable minions, this beautiful obsidian blade enhances its wielder in a number of small ways that add up to an overall effect greater than the sum of its parts - turning any wannabe warrior-mage into the gish of their dreams. In regards to offense, this weapon acts as a +1 longsword with the finesse property, and can be used as a channel for spell attacks (in which case the enhancement bonus applies to the spell attack, and the spell's damage roll if it has one). Additionally, the weapon enhances your offensive magic overall as well, adding +1 to all the wielder's save DCs (including from non-casting class features).

The defensive benefits aren't anything to ignore either: while wielding this weapon, the user gains a +1 bonus to AC, +1 to all saves, +1 hit point per Hit Die they possess, and +1 initiative. In this way, even the most fragile of glass cannons stands more of a chance on the front lines. Additionally, for those that consider an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure, the weapon also gives a +1 to all Charisma-based ability checks the wielder makes while the Magus Blade is in their possession and attuned to them, as the blade's extremely rudimentary intelligence bolsters their confidence.

Of course, what takes this blade from a versatile magus' dream to a weapon of legend is its ability to attune more deeply with its wielder over time; whenever the blade draws blood, or is used to channel magic, or lends its wielder a touch of confidence, it becomes more in tune with the attuned mage - learning what it wants from the blade, and adjusting to support this desire. Each of the +1s this weapon gives can be individually enhanced by spending a great deal of time making use of that aspect of the blade; it is encouraged that the DM ties this into "critical successes" involving that aspect (impressive damage rolls, nat 20s on the many relevant rolls, times when the defensive benefits made the difference between success and failure, or the difference between alive and dying, things like that), although the exact rate at which such critical successes can evoke an evolution in the blade is a matter of DM discretion.

Berserker's Greathammer
very rare, requires attunement (barbarian)

This enormous goliath greathammer is simple in design but heavily enchanted and absolutely deadly in the right hands. For most Medium or Small creature, this weapon acts as a +2 Maul. For a Large creature, or a Goliath, it counts as a +2 Warhammer that deals an additional damage die (so 2d8 if wielded in one hand, or 2d10 if used with two hands). Additionally, while wielding this weapon, you possess the endless endurance of a true berserker, and have one additional rage per day; if you already have unlimited rages per day, then instead you regenerate your Constitution modifier in hit points at the beginning of any round where you possess at least 1 HP but no more than half your maximum HP.

Amulet Of Attunement
legendary, requires attunement

This simple silver chain with a small, softly glowing green crystal imbues its wearer with a greater awareness of and connection to the world around them. Mechanically, this benefit is fourfold:
The wearer's Wisdom increases by 2, as does their Wisdom maximum.
They gain proficiency in Use The Force; if they are already proficient, they gain Expertise in it; if they are already an expert, they instead gain continuous auto-Advantage on uses of that skill
When the wielder's intended actions would cause larger ripples in the Force than they would otherwise be aware of, they are made aware of the potential their actions possess, to some degree. The Amulet does not judge their actions one way or the other, merely provides a greater understanding of the general consequences that can follow - for good or ill.

2018-10-21, 11:09 PM
Dragon Scales
1st level abjuration
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: Personal
Components: V, S
Duration: 8 hours

You manifest the latent draconic power flowing through your veins and call forth your magic to replicate the defensive benefits if dragonkind. Your base AC becomes 13 + your Dexterity modifier. The spell ends if you don armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.

Higher Levels: When you use this spell at 2nd level or higher, you add 1 point to the AC rating for each level above 1st. When you use this spell at 3rd level or higher, you gain an additional Hit Point per Hit Die for every three spell levels (so +1 HP/HD at 3rd, +2 HP/HD at 6th, etc). When you use this spell at 4th level or higher, you gain resistance to a single non-weapon damage type for the duration (typically, the one most directly tied to your own draconic heritage); when you use this spell at 7th level or higher, this resistance instead becomes immunity.