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2018-10-02, 08:51 PM

Ability Score Increase-Your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Size-You are Small.

Darkvision-You can see in the dark, in black and white, up to 60'.

Speed-Your movement speed is 30'.

Fury Of The Small-You may, once per rest, deal additional damage on any damaging ability or attack equal to your level when targeting a creature larger than you. (If this ability would affect multiple creatures, some of which are not larger than you, the additional damage is dealt only to the larger creatures.)


Ability Score Increases-Your Strength and Constitution increase by 1.

Powerful Build-You count as one size larger for the purposes of carrying capacity.

Tough-You gain on additional HP per level.


Ability Score Increases-Your Dexterity increases by an additional 1, and your Intelligence or Charisma increase by 1.

Nimble Escape-You may Disengage or Hide as a bonus action.


Ability Score Increases-Your Intelligence and Charisma increase by 1.

Natively Magical-You learn a single cantrip from the Sorcerer or Wizard spell list.

At level 3, you gain a single second level spell from the same list, usable once per long rest.

At level 5, you gain a single third level spell from the same list, usable once per long rest.

Your spellcasting modifier is either Intelligence or Charisma, chosen at character creation and immutable thereafter.

When selecting spells, you may choose to instead gain a lower level spell cast from the appropriate slot level.


Ability Score Increase-Your Wisdom increases by 2.

Holy Shield-You may, at the end of any rest, create a shield of divine energies around yourself and your allies. You may target a number of creatures up to your proficiency bonus-they gain THP equal to your proficiency bonus times your Wisdom modifier.

brian 333
2018-10-03, 03:09 AM
You may have (intentionally?) missed an opportunity here. I am not knowledgeable about 5e rules, but Persuasive is missing from your list.

Whether an artist or musician, or simply a charismatic leader of goblins, the Persuasive goblin leads from the rear. He might be the standard bearer or officer, but he inspires others to do his fighting for him.