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2018-10-04, 02:00 AM

Hey folks!
I'm running a Pathfinder game where it is possible the PC's may get in so deep with the law that they run the risk of having to witness an execution. Pathfinder has advice on how to run something like this(Horror Adventures p.206), but I was curious to see what a prestige class would look like based on the following premise:

They tried to execute you once, so you're going to be extra prepared for next time.
With a prerequisite stating something to the extent of: "Special: Survive an attempted execution without assistance and escape the area."

I feel like it would include special abilities like being able to hold one's breath better(i.e. longer, or being able to perform standard actions without draining your timer), in addition to bonus's to(or extra uses of) the escape artist skill. And some kind of resistance to the damage of a particular execution method(i.e. fire resistance if they tried to burn you, cold resistance if they tried to drown you, fortification if they tried to hang or behead you, and damage reduction(only against bludgeoning) if you were buried alive.

I am curious how the brewer's here would go about making something for this niche, as I feel that if done right, it can offer considerable usefulness even if another execution never occurs.

2018-10-04, 04:07 AM
do you want much easier way to survive from execution. It depends on your setting using third party or not but if you are using third party then spheres of power has recently released wraith class. which allows you to either keep the dead body longer or just grab new bodies as story goes along.

2018-10-04, 05:11 AM
You could also just grab survivor from 3.5 and change the requirements.

2018-10-04, 08:39 AM
1) I can see this class having many flavourful abilities...

Guillotined: You are immune to critical hits and gain damage reduction 5/bludgeoning or piercing.

Hanged: You no longer need to breathe and gain damage reduction 5/piercing or slashing.

Lethally Injected/Gas Chambered: You are immune to poison(and no longer need to breathe).

Last Meal: You no longer need to eat.

Electrocuted: You gain immunity to electricity.

Burned At The Stake: You gain immunity to fire.

Executed By Firing Squad: You gain damage reduction 5/bludgeoning or slashing.

And so forth; the various damage reductions could scale with your level etc.

2) Although the prestige class might make a character very tough, it might not give the character things to do... maybe as you survive each type of execution, you gain a related attack e.g. Electrocuted lets you use shocking grasp at will, Burned At The Stake gives you the Burn special attack (as a fire elemental), etc.