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2018-10-04, 01:53 PM
The Adventurer

No table because I donít think itís actually necessary for something this simple.

Hit Die: d8
Skills: The Adventurer chooses any 8 skills to be class skills.
Skill points: 4+Int skill points

BAB: Average.
Saves: Pick two good, the other is poor.

Proficiencies: Light/medium armor, shields but not tower shields, simple and martial weapons.

Action Points: The Adventurer dabbles in a bit of everything, and synthesizes it all into his own unique style, mixing ki, skill, and magic as needed. To fuel this, he possesses a pool of Action Points, representing his combined available power. The pool holds Action Points equal to his level + his second highest ability score bonus. It is refreshed at dawn.
Action Points may be spent as though they were points from an arcane reservoir, at a 1:1 ratio, or ki points, points from an arcane pool, or inspiration at a 2:1 ratio. It counts as those abilities for the purpose of prerequisites.

Focus: By spending two action points, the Adventurer can enhance his own abilities for 4 rounds as a free action. While in this state, he chooses to gain a +2 bonus any two of attack rolls/save DCs, damage rolls, saving throws, or AC, but takes a -2 penalty to the two not chosen this way. At 10th and again at 20th level, the bonus increases by 1. The penalty does not increase.
This counts as raging for the purpose of rage powers, and as being affected by a mutagen for the purpose of alchemist discoveries. It counts as those abilities for the purpose of prerequisites.

Momentous Strike: As a swift action, the Adventurer can spend two action points to deal 1d6 extra damage on his next attack. If the attack misses, the point is lost. At 3rd level and every 2 after, the damage increases by 1d6.
This counts as sneak attack and studied strike for the purpose of rogue talents, ninja tricks, and investigator talents. It counts as bombs for the purpose of alchemist talents, though only the target struck is affected. It counts as those abilities for the purpose of prerequisites.

Talented: At each level, the Adventurer gains his choice of:
-A bonus feat for which he meets the prerequisites
-A ninja trick
-A rogue talent
-A rage power
-A magus arcana
-A discovery, either Investigator or Alchemist
-An arcane exploit
-A witch hex
-A kineticist utility power
-A vigilante talent or social talent (note that he does not have a social identity)
-Any similar ability from a class for which they choose one option every two levels
While several of the Adventurer abilities allow him to replicate abilities from the classes this was taken from, some are incompatible. Those just donít work. The Adventurer is treated as though he had levels in the appropriate class equal to his Adventurer level for the purpose of making these selections.

At 10th level, he may choose from the advanced versions of any applicable talents.

Weapon Mastery: At 4th level, a Adventurer may spend 2 action points to give a weapon he is holding an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4 his level (minimum 1)
This counts as the arcane poolís ability to enhance weapons for the purpose of prerequisites.

Improvise: At 5th level, once per day as a move action the Adventurer may choose any option he could gain through Talented. He gains that ability until he refreshes his Action Points. At 10th level and every 5 levels afterwards, he gains an extra use of Improvise per day.

I am actually so tired of Pathfinder talents. I wanted to see what would happen if I just let someone take any of them. Much like the fighter, this can be built into practically any kind of combat specialization (probably moreso than the fighter).

What I like is that thanks to Pathfinder's tendency to give practically any subsystem a "learn the basics" feat, this can emulate a whole lot of subsystems, probably multiple in the same build. Want to be a POW character? Just take Martial Training a billion times. Want psionics? Unlocked Talent opens the door.

2018-10-04, 03:40 PM
Very nicely done.
Very short and yet remarkably versatility.

Only one thing to say: a more proper name would be "Adventurer".