View Full Version : Help! Bioshock rpg homebrew

2018-10-05, 03:52 AM
So I have an issue i'm making a bioshock rpg thats going to basically use the dnd 5e system however ive only come up with about three or four pc options and have a table of around 5 players

i have so far the big daddy which plays like the tank
splicer that plays like the dps
and the little sister that plays like the support class
and potentially like a engineer kind of class that i haven't entirely fleshed out yet
but i need more classes to pick from i want the players to have a bit more freedom and diversity rather than having three big daddies and two splicers so i need ideas maybe something i could build off of anyways let me know your ideas id greatly appreciate it

oh by the way the start in rapture between bioshock one and two kindof they dont find there way to Colombia until later but thats a secret

2018-10-05, 09:55 AM
I mean... as far as rpg archetypes it seems like you are still missing a skill monkey (rouge etc), and a socialite....
but based on my knowledge of Bioshock, I'm not sure how much socialization there is to be had.

As far as classes go... would it make sense for "The outsider" to be a class? Someone not from Rapture, bringing in outside tech, outside skills? Possibly a little sanity.

Depending on your story... I'd almost want to go with "The Archeologist" for a lore class...(they would be an outsider), or alternatively....something along the lines of "Token sane teammate" (splicing makes you made, so having a sane person on the team could be useful)