View Full Version : D&D 4e "New" Class: Warrior, plus changes to Thief, Berserker and Skald

The Troubadour
2018-10-19, 08:17 PM
Hey there, everyone! So, I'm in the mood to get back to DM'ing 4th Edition, but I thought I'd try out a non-standard campaign focused entirely on Martial and partly-Martial Essentials classes (the players are quite the grognards, the standard At-Will / Encounter / Daily power structure breaks immersion for them; plus, the Essentials classes are simpler). So far, so good; but then I had the idea (for various reasons) of injecting a bit more of a Striker into all the classes while also letting the Striker classes proper retain their usefulness. Here are my ideas, and I'd love some criticism, please!

Starting with the "Heroes of the Fallen Lands" classes:

Knight / Slayer: Both classes are combined into a single one - let's call it the "Warrior" - in the following manner: use the Slayer as the base class, but give it Defender's Aura and Battle Guardian and let it pick from the Knight-exclusive stances, Knight Utility powers, and Knight-exclusive Weapon Specialization options. Other than that, I'd just let the Warrior pick between DEX, CON, and WIS for the (Heroic / Mighty / etc.) Slayer feature.

Thief: Change any mention of "light blades" in Sneak Attack, Weapon Finesse, Thief Weapon Talent, and any Thief powers (such as Swift Parry, Utility 6) to "one-handed melee weapons". Additionally, Backstab's extra damage is increased by 1d6 (so +2d6 at levels 1-6, +3d6 at levels 7-16, etc.), and it also causes either Immobilized (save ends) or Dazed (save ends).

Now for the "Heroes of the Feywild" classes:

Berserker: - Remove the additional 1d8/2d8/3d8 damage from Vengeful Guardian.
- Remove the clause that prohibits Berserker Fury and Defender's Aura and Vengeful Guardian from working together.

Skald: Let the Skald pick between the Hexblade's Fey Pact Reward or Infernal Pact Reward.

For now, that's it. I also have some ideas for the Hunter, Scout and Executioner classes, but so far, these are what I have. What do you guys think?