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2007-09-18, 01:11 PM
i'm thinking of getting one of two games started, both based on books.

the first would be 'wheel of time' which already has a d20 book out there.

the other would be based on 'the dresden files' and would use d20 modern rules primarily.


2007-09-18, 02:11 PM
Do you have players who are into either series? Nothing ruins a game based on books or tv faster than players who are unfamiliar with the setting you're going for.

2007-09-18, 02:14 PM
Not a huge d20 fan, otherwise do what you think is fun.

That said, I personally find campaigns that draw heavily from various source materials, even multiple sources, and then mutate them into something unique much more fun and engaging than gaming exactly in some pre-done world.

2007-09-18, 03:49 PM
Both sound interesting.

Personal opinion: one thing I warn to avoid is cliche. You can give the campaign the flavour of the world, even put some of the main characters in but don't try and railroad your players into following the plot of the series or borrow too many plot elements from the books.

I ran a campaign based on Terry Brooks Shannara series. Sadly I had players who demanded Elfstones every five minutes. :smallannoyed: Heh soon sorted that though... they met Brona (i set the campaign before he lost too much humanity) and came off a little the worse for it, all because of the Elfstones!

2007-09-18, 04:04 PM
well, i'm drawn to the dresden files mainly because it's just plain fun detective stories... and the version of chicago jim butcher came up with is cool.

but likely harry dresden won't make much of any appearances, unless the players need a bailout.

it'd be best to find people who know the series, but not neccesary i think.

WoT would be pure robert jordan memorial, set in the world(put into d20 format by wizards, thankfully all the work is predone) and then free course from there i think.

2007-09-18, 04:10 PM
A free run in WoT would be a pretty awesome concept...but what's your plot? I mean, would it include the Dragon?

2007-09-18, 04:23 PM
no real idea what would happen in a WoT game, or if it would even be set during the books. i've been thinking the Aiel war would be pretty sweet. or the trolloc war. that'd be good also.

but i have a worry that i'm not capable enough as a Gm to handle a WoT scale game. dresden files would be much smaller scale, more central.

i'll think on it tonight and might put something in the recruiting board tomorrow.

2007-09-18, 04:37 PM
Scale is what you make it!

Start small and build up to whatever is comfortable. Why not try an alternate timeline or even an "After the Dragon" plot. Even if nobody knows how the series will end yet you could extrapolate and make up a finish that you like and play from there.

Don't limit your choices, and most of all check what you players like. This can be the source of some of the best plot ideas and will make the game more enjoyable for them as they fulfil personal goals built into your world.

2007-09-18, 04:59 PM
well, it's not just a matter of scale. it's also what turns me on, as a gm/player.

and truth be told, dresden files gets me going. my wife's the huge WoT fan(and who i hunted the sourcebook for, really), but with NaNoWriMo coming, she's not in any position to play.

i suggested it mainly in a 'well, it's appropriate' sort of way. like playing a game if monte cook passed away.