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2018-10-26, 03:14 AM
What's your recipes for homebrew poisons?

Monkey Goblin Filth Monkey Goblin Filth is an injury poison invented by the monkey goblins of Mediogalti Island. To create a dose of Monkey Goblin Filth, a monkey goblin fasts for a day, eats two pounds of cracked fruit seeds and ground raw beans, and then adds three fistfuls of small bones to the waste product and boils it down to a thick gel in a pot of water. It takes a day to fast before consuming the ingredients, a day to pass the ingredients, and a day to render the byproduct. A monkey goblin cannot make more than one dose in a week or be sickened for a month.
It is purely local superstition to use the bones of strangled rats in a pot of unholy water.
Injury poison, Save DC Fortitude 10, effect duration is 1/rd for 5 rounds, 1 Constitution damage, consecutive saves cures.
Must be crafted with a monkey goblin, requires 3 days to craft, Craft Alchemy DC 10, 2 gold craft cost.

I wanted a monkey goblin rogue to use poison and thought he should have something nifty and native to him, that he could produce himself out of simple ingredients in a very restrictive local market. I know it's very cheaply produced, but I thought the restriction to 1 dose a week would help counter that.